Andrew Tate Achunge Sana Kijibizana Na 12 Year Old Girl With Phrases Such As 'Small D!ck' Being Tossed About

Aka mpole

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Greta is 19 years old. wacha kutafuta likes na emotions
That's not the issue, the issue is, in the West, a woman can make your downfall to happen very fast and him going after Greta would be the real end of him completely. For real this time round.

The truth

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Andrew Tate the G.O.A.T, he got cancelled like Kanye, and still right up there..infact they made him get more followers. Making him 2022 google most searched name. He's just untouchable


By now you should be fully acquainted with this dimwit's low iq posts, looks for any sludge huko nje & comes to dump it here looking for engagement, hana tofauti na ile mjusi kafiri ingine micykamasi.
Aint it amazing that the ones who always shout the loudest how high IQ they are are the very same ones who got some of the dumbest posts? @Sambamba and @Ndindu