Am I Overthinking- Advice needed


I have a long-time girlfriend of almost 4 years going to 5 years in December. She has a sister who is also married and has a kid. Over the last year, however, I have been having issues with my girlfriend and the sister's husband being too close for my taste.

It started one day when we went to the sister's home after a very long road trip. When we came my girlfriend's sister went to sleep and the three of us- Myself, my girlfriend, and the Sister's husband sat in the sitting room tukunywe. After kidogo nkalemwa na nkajilaza kwa sofa set. While just there the two of them left the house and went outside for an hour and when they came back they were grinning and throwing at each other some weird glances. I didn't want to think anything weird, so I let it slide.

After that things got really weird. The Sister's husband would always keep asking and inquiring about my relationship soo much mpaka I started avoiding him. A few weeks later we go to Kiambu Road to one of the clubs all four of us plus a friend. Now I have a car and the friend who came has a car also. After drinking around 2 pm we decide to go home. My girlfriend says I get into the other car with her sister and the friend who came along, she will drive with her sister's husband. Tukafika home in 30 mins but they took over 2 hours to get home. When we asked them wakasema ati walipotea njia. So my suspicion grows.

We later go for a burial. After the burial, we decide we go pahali tukunywe. My car is big enough to accomodate many people. After drinking, we decide to go look for a butchery. My girlfriend tells me to shift sits and move behind yeye akuje akae na the sister's husband hapa mbele. I agree since I had driven over 7 hours. Kidogo after changing seats nkapata wanashikana mikono as they drive na nko back sit. This time I threw hell and demanded what is happening between them and why they always prefer to be together. They all accuse me- including the sister of being evil minded and pervert etc. The whole village knew what is happening since it becomes such a big issue of me being jealous etc. Hata akina nyanya in that burial call all of us and start saying about family and evil minded. I asked my girlfriend and she just says mimi ni pervert and evil-minded.

Anyway long story short, is there something to be worried here?
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You are too soft for this do you allow your girlfriend to keep ordering you around?
Mjamaa amesema aliambiwa aende back seat, and like a little baby he obeyed. What really makes mesad is knowing very well hatawachana na uyo gf anytime soon ata akipafa anatombewa. The real question is, how comes the sister hashuku bwanake anahanya and the evidence is clear as daylight?


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So sorry for you.
But that girl is only but a 'gilfriend'. No kids, nothing tieing you.
Its tough, painful but mannup for the ride. Drop her.
Wewe unakuliwa msichana live.
Also, you are already disgraced in front of your "to be" in laws. They will never look at you with eyes of respect like ceasars wife. Ceasar's wife is beyond reproach and the inlaws relationship should be like that. You are already disgraced.
Choose less drama in life, kijana,,,you are still young.
Na kama si bro-inlaw,, later on you will be suspecting her with another ninja sababu Kunguru....
Imagine her moaning and let it motivate you to drop her ass.


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invest like 20k ubuy small cameras or trackers or some & if your insticts are right I'm sure you'llhave the evidence. Though If you are right by now all the tracks are covered labda you give it some time waanza kuwa lacking. All in all Izza bro, Si poa. Sucks