Allow Me To Introduce Myself

No one gives a rat's ass .I might as well have been a 75 year voodoo high priest of a small village in fiji. Quit the formalities and get cracking na ungojee kiti ,we seem to have run out of them lately.It's a jungle out here
You might want to define "No one."

I count no less than ten residents who have "given a rat's ass" enough to spend time and bundles to occupy some online real estate on "my" thread.

How about that.

Oh, and by the way, I will stand, thank you.

The Jungle is what I signed for, I would be profoundly disappointed if KenyaTalk was not.
Didn't this pyramid scheme flop? I hear people lost money including my cousin . Tell me more
It is not a pyramid scheme per se. More of an enrichment project for a few people gifted in the art of selling ice to Eskimos.

For those who knew what they were doing, it was and still is, an excellent opportunity to create wealth.

Please note that I said "create wealth" and not "make money".

Start a thread on this topic and I will be only too willing to give an inside view from my sojourn there between 2008 and 2013.
the famous hound of wazua who used to chase nv's like a burukenge is here, welcome and join your fellow pigs in the mud. On a serious note though, hope you help to improve our business section, its a bit lacking.