African Resort International are not conmen


New Villager
I met some smartly dressed guys at Gateway mall few weeks ago, they approached me and gave me a holiday questionnaire to fill. I was told that I had won Watamu voucher. I thought it was a joke. When I checked them out online, I saw a post on this platform. I became more anxious to visit the place and find out for myself. I was later called for an appointment to visit their office in Westland. I went for their presentation and it was a nice offer similar to what I bought in Dubai with Marriots Vacation Club. I insisted that I wanted to see the place to enable clear my doubt, as promised I was offered The One Watamu voucher for 2 nights free. I actually utilized it and enjoyed the free trip. As far as i'm concerned they delivered on what they promised.
Guys I have to tell you that they are not con, its a thing of choice. We Kenyans should stop condemning things we don't know.