African Aviation


Monocotyledon Combuster
At par with African science. Africa is probably the only place where we don't manufacture machines but have the ability kuziroga. Kuna bonobos who msee wao akidedi kwa ajali wanaanza kutafuta within the locality mwenye aliroga ndege, gari, boat, motorbike etc mpaka ikapata accident mtu yao akiwa ndani. Hatari sana.


Village Elder
Africa is way behind.. When i compare the bachelor engineering earned in Kenya and the one taught in Europe, we are several miles behind. Look at the white flying failure; they are trying to reason with nature like how does birds fly, can we reciprocate it in machines? Compare with the African, a propeller at the front with less torque yet at behind there is heavy metals, do they understand how flying works?

The best place to start is RC planes then move to building a plane.


Village Elder
Africans shida yao ni kuchukia masomo. Basic understanding of materials science, fluid dynamics, and motor design would greatly push us towards achieving flight. This is information that is widely and freely available on the internet.

Lakini Huku kwetu kinyangarika inaamka asubuhi inaamua mungu amesema akuwe the next wright brother so anakatakata wheelbarrow yake kwa shoka na kutengeneza shape ya ndege akidhani itajua imekuwa ndege i fly. We have an incredibly long way to go.


Village Sponsor
Civilizations advance up to a certain level then something happens and the get reset back to stone age.

It happened in Egypt, Mexico, Ancient India.