A ferked up continent

Are these planes controlled by are control centre or they fly dangerously on their own?
You do not need air traffic control if the area does not have lots of air traffic. Just like you do not need a policeman/traffic lights controlling traffic at some estate road somewhere. Oloitikosh does not have air traffic control despite a sizeable amount of traffic but the millionaires and students there land just fine.

Congo has been raped. Apparently to the tune of trillions of dollars.
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This is noted but what I meant, when the plane is flying from Russia or Israel to this venue, it has to be controlled by ATC, at the same, when it leave this airstrip, si it will fly through commercial routes which have many traffic on its way to Israel or Russia? Will they not need ATC?
Yes. When flying legally from Russia/Israel to Congo you need A LOT of paperwork. Lots of different permissions from different air spaces, but ultimately the only ones who care what you are going to do and/or what you are carrying might be your origin and your destination countries plus perhaps any country enroute that you may need to stop in for refuelling.
If you are doing something illegal, it will be smart to not tell the whole truth. But many regions in Congo are controlled by militia. And these militia likely only care about $$$ or access to arms.
Wachana na congo bonobos wapambane na hali yao. One day hizo resources wanaibiwa itaashia na hio place bado itakua shit hole. Nilisomanga juzi ati Kenya huexport steel na iron to congo nikashangaa.