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  1. mtadao

    First Smart TV TBT

    Owning such a TV in the village would make you a celebrity in the whole subcounty
  2. mtadao

    Outering road - waah

    These demonstrators are crying hunger but they have the strength to carry boulders
  3. mtadao

    Government wasting resources in luo Nyanza

    Kama kipawa yako ni kurusha mawe, rusha:D.
  4. mtadao

    Nyongo says maandamano are still on.

    Fuel prices or any other commodity price has never been lowered by stone throwing, teargas or destruction of property. Prices of eg maize flour that you love are lowered by efficiently producing more maize in a peaceful environment. That is what we are doing for ourselves. Continue protesting...
  5. mtadao

    Nyongo says maandamano are still on.

    We are too busy for maandamanos
  6. mtadao

    Vile Kunasemekana About Tomorrow's Protests. Avoid NRB!!

    Useless against something with the description 7.62×51mm
  7. mtadao

    Iran vs jaluo FC

    True, but one old man has made sure those talents remain under5a lid.
  8. mtadao

    Kisumu demonstrators to Join there counterparts in Nairobi

    As i said in another thread, maandamano is largely a jaluo affair. Other communities are busy planting as it's the rainy season
  9. mtadao

    Hehehe. Jaruo zimeanza kujitoa kwa maandamano

    That's an economic problem. Am talking about political problems which are part of the maandamanos only taking place in jaluo populated areas
  10. mtadao

    Hehehe. Jaruo zimeanza kujitoa kwa maandamano

    Jaluo have a serious political problem. They have fought Moi and Uhuru while defending Kibaki. They have fought Kibaki with Ruto's assistance. They have fought both Uhuru and Ruto, and now they are fighting Ruto while fiercely defending Uhuru. Jameni, make up your minds once and for all.
  11. mtadao

    Jimit unasema nini ?

    What's the foreskin saying?
  12. mtadao

    Paid Peanuts

    In government, the money is in the per diems
  13. mtadao

    Mariga, chunga usijipate ICC

    Yenyewe these are top grade sheep
  14. mtadao

    Uhuru farm being burned

    Kikuyus are averse at burning property. They better steal it. The kikuyu could be the sheep thieves and hired jaluo the arsonists.
  15. mtadao

    Uhuru farm being burned

    .... za Ktalk
  16. mtadao

    Uhuru farm being burned

    Who said the arsonists are kikuyu? Whoever hired the hooligans could not have gone recruiting only Kikuyus. He would recruit the willing.
  17. mtadao

    How can I calculate Kplc bill from reading the meter?

    True. I use it
  18. mtadao

    Aliens spotted

  19. mtadao

    Crazy to imagine that Gachagua. Kuria and Ichungwa are now in charge

    Maybe the options are even worse.
  20. mtadao

    Riggy Gee Madness

    I thought you live in a cave somewhere in Suguta valley, or was it bombed by KDF?