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  1. Shaka

    Pokot patriots kill 10 police officers. wamefanya ile kitu

    How civilians can dare challenge the govt for a fight is just funny, so the next thing is they declare pokot land si Kenya? This issue need to be dealt with with the seriousness it deserves. They needed to send air support with combat helicopters and finish them.
  2. Shaka

    Central kamenuka saidi

    Will everybody fit in the govt, can't we support a govt for for it promises to do?
  3. Shaka

    A pastor gets wrecked by a high IQ young man before his followers

    Reminds me of the story of Joseph in Egypt. When Joseph was in prison as a Jew he had long hair, when the king of Egypt called his advice he had to be shaved like an Egyptian. Some things are minor and not worthy fighting for when you are a man on a mission. He is in a church and wearing a cap...
  4. Shaka

    Mungu wetu ni waajabu.

    The body has a complex resistance mechanism and that is why the conventional method of developing vaccine is the best. You introduce a fake virus similar to the real one and let the body activate it's own mechanism. The problem with the biotech techniques nowadays is that they take a small part...
  5. Shaka

    American Vs German tug of war

    It's entertainment bwana, 4x4 suv being pulled by an AWD
  6. Shaka

    Cost of living crisis

    It is still a lot of money to earn as an employee, and if there is no recession or stupid govt policies (like those made by Uhuru) it would still be alot to earn as an employee in ten years to come.
  7. Shaka

    American Vs German tug of war

    :D when it comes to performance, German engineering are is no joke. Toureg pulling jeep wrangler like a vitz
  8. Shaka

    Cost of living crisis

    300k is a lot of money by Kenyan standards and even thrice more if you stay in a country like UG. Hata 70yrs old professors don't earn that much, this kind salary is earned by those in short term contracts. That is 3.6m per year and you are capable of comfortably saving 3m per year without much...
  9. Shaka

    Jeremiah Kioni suspended

    Ruto aliguruma mpaka mama akateta, Uhuru has decided to tame his dogs
  10. Shaka

    Kikuyus have turned against jambazi sugu!

    Nasikia Rongai hakuna maji, 20ltr is going for ksh 70
  11. Shaka

    Where to draw the line - the petty customer vs. genuine complaints

    Nyong'o went overboard with malice and entitlement and almost destroyed a private bizness
  12. Shaka

    Former twitter executives under fire

    A time to be humbled by truth, when lies hits the wall
  13. Shaka

    Nani aliroga these Jaruo politicians?

    :D relax it is the way political parties are run in Kenya. Raila wants to use them to get into govt, but ruto has outsmarted him akawachanua wakule kwanza
  14. Shaka

    Bonobo kakula roundabout ...

    Ni kukula ama expansion while trying to cut cost.
  15. Shaka

    US Bombed Russia's Nord Stream Gas Pipeline After Months-Long Planning by White House - Seymour Hersh

    Aaiii. Ukrainians are to a large extent russian, and Putin is not fighting the citizens he is fighting a regime that has made pro russia Ukrainian suffer. He has to be careful and mindful of the citizens, he dragged himself to allow mass migration. That is why he hits a place like Kiev sparingly
  16. Shaka

    Most Sincere Pastor In The World Today. Doesn't Believe In Prosperity Gospel Nonsense

    How do you grow closer when someone has hijacked the boat and requires bribes in the name of tithes to steer the boat in the right direction. It is better to belong to none than be in the wrong one, otherwise you will never ever into the land of rest and freedom. You will forever be burdened...
  17. Shaka

    new recruits vs war hardened rustlers.. what could possibly go wrong?

    In this world you are only needed to have experience for jobs with high pay and other benefits. Risky jobs with poor pay they give to new recruits, 'si ulikuwa unataka kazi, enda upigane na bandits'
  18. Shaka

    Flipping a Coin

    Theoretically the probability ought to be half, that is C, but reality it is different. It depends on what you get from the first few flips, and the rest of it will follow that pattern. It is called quantum entanglement
  19. Shaka

    Let's stop this pussyfooting and call it as it is, Uhuru fwucked his transition

    Uhuru was a greedy selfish crook hiding behind development. Ruto is going after them becoz the govt is broke, he needs every coin. Hata EU is complaining about investors being scared because ruto is after every coin for him to survive, he has no luxury for special treatment to sacred cows.
  20. Shaka

    Let's stop this pussyfooting and call it as it is, Uhuru fwucked his transition

    Hapa kulikuwa na spirit of deception, Uhuru reverted to ancestoral alters between jomo and the akorino church. Do you hear how he is relying on them for spiritual guidance, asking them to pray for the course three times a day, asking the church leaders to pass the ancient message followers. Do...