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  1. mpotorico

    What is wrong with women?

    Others ata ujakula ukimwambia tu meet. Beb tuma za salon pleeease
  2. mpotorico

    I did not have sexual relationship with that woman 2.0

    Njiraini no wa hii County lazima ageattend
  3. mpotorico

    45th Tribe

    The Kirinyaga people border Embu county and therefore the Embu tough influence can be felt. Embu town when it was a provincial HQ was also nearer than Nyeri to the Kirinyaga people hence interaction between the two.
  4. mpotorico


    When you mentioned Doctor I thought you were going to show us how the hatchery at the IEBC was built in order to produce the vifaranga
  5. mpotorico

    DP Ruto in Waiguru Inauguration

    Lighter duties my fren lighter duties
  6. mpotorico

    As Kidero Concedes and Attends Sonko's Swearing, Questions Abound

    You are sending the wrong Lady cc @Guru
  7. mpotorico

    what happens

    Refer to the Nyeri situation
  8. mpotorico

    Anatomy Of Clashing Egos

  9. mpotorico

    Somali Women

    Nice one
  10. mpotorico

    The big announcement

    He he he. MP amepenya kwa Shida ajiuzulu?
  11. mpotorico


    Ruiru market watu bado amuka. May be wali over indulge jana. Lakini mambo poa
  12. mpotorico

    Registering on TIMS, please help

    Ignore the last digit of the serial number
  13. mpotorico

    Presidential Results: Official Thread.

    Alafu he has to stick the results Kwa gate ya bomas ama?
  14. mpotorico


    I thought hii heka ni ya kanono nephew wa Theo
  15. mpotorico

    General Elections 2017...The Aftermath...

    Ktalk IEBC Chairman Saidia hawa watu. Muthamas wife stood as a women rape and lost
  16. mpotorico

    General Elections 2017...The Aftermath...

    Sasa na wewe ndie Chebukati wetu. How now?
  17. mpotorico

    .dlls have denied raila victory

    Take it easy mbele iko sawa
  18. mpotorico

    This man kivutha kibwana

    He is not a politician. He can't hack it uko Juu.
  19. mpotorico

    .dlls have denied raila victory

    We have been released to go home after this press briefing. Wadosi not taking chances
  20. mpotorico

    Waititu wirro neffa be governor

    kaba kabogo ainuke