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  1. Prometheus


    Social Services should take away that kid.
  2. Prometheus

    Keeping Kienyeji Chicken!

  3. Prometheus

    Rate Caps

    Price correction will always come with victims. How do economies such as Japan with bank rates at -1% or majority of the developed world with bank rates <5% have strong economies.
  4. Prometheus

    Investment slay

  5. Prometheus


    For all I care Waiguru can be the next president. Baby Owino won't even make it to Senator level. Unless he cleans up his goon behaviour.
  6. Prometheus


    The wife is angry at him but can't beat him so she looks for other guys to do so.
  7. Prometheus


    2/10. Fail! Please register for a re-sit.
  8. Prometheus


    *cough* *cough*
  9. Prometheus

    What if NASA wins the petition?

    It will open doors for all other candidates (MP/MCA/Women REP) to file for petitions and plunge the country into fresh elections.
  10. Prometheus

    UOTP eyedrops

    Moustache and weave...
  11. Prometheus


    What is the worst that can happen? The Supreme Court ordering a retallying of the votes which will still show Raila lost? Or how does NASA envision this will play out? Coz the whole election cannot be cancelled because of a technicality?
  12. Prometheus

    kuuliza sio Ujinga..what if

    Only 1m of the 1.9m people who file tax returns actually pay taxes. I highly doubt that 440k (44%) of them are the Kibera / Mathare guys who follow Railas instructions to the letter.
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    In Eldoret
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    Riddles of the day

  15. Prometheus

    Riddles of the day

    Milk contains fat and water. When boiling, fat collects at the top and forms a layer. The steam from the water is trapped below this. Hot air rises. Thus it has to push through the meniscus. Thanks in advance.
  16. Prometheus

    I need one bitcoin, just one

    Tafuta watu wa D9 Clube
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    Ann my 1st X...where are you

    Ningekuwa huu msee siwezi chipo dame kwa club. Might be the daughter.
  18. Prometheus

    Ann my 1st X...where are you

    Paragraph msee
  19. Prometheus

    Late night hunger pangs

    Get some complex carbs early in the day : ngwaci, cassava and such. Then usiku eat some broccoli and drink a casein protein shake before bed. Casein protein takes longer to digest so it will release energy in your system slowly through the night. This is particularly important since the time...
  20. Prometheus

    STOCK EXCHANGE - 45% SINCE 23rd of JAN.

    So we should expect more liquidity in the market? That's a good sign, right?