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    Ushawahi Vamiwa Na Rural Guests / Relatives Kwako, Wakaa Mpaka Ukalose Patience Na Wao?

    Leafy surburbs AMG mboys can't relate!!!!!
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    Powell Pushed The Envelop Little Too Far...Thot His Looks Matter....

    You deserve death and more punishment if you risk life and limb for a post wall chieth kunguru ghaseer shosho!!!!!!!
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    Why does the Hasla Administration look so lucklusture?

    Kijana ya Sodom njaa inamalisa wewe?
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    Breaking: Cherera four suspended.

    4 Foolish goofy character s are going to be slaughtered mercilessly ,the minute the supreme court made it's judgement , resignation letter zingekua kwa table ya PS wa public service commission as they fled to Tanzania via Masai Mara game reserve.
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    Raira declares war on Hasla

    Why are assmio guys so salty ,kwani it's Rao's birth right to be in gavament and lead Kenya? Take a chill pill guys
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    Wamama Leo Hawalali

    MGTOW=FREEDOM= Beta male deserve that punishment , unaweza pata the bitch sending him to prison looks like shit and a post wall chieth kunguru ghaseer shosho to boot.
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    IEBC commissioner Justus Nyagaya resigns

    The supreme goat sealed their fate with the famous board room rapture statement
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    Why steel rims will always be the best choice for your jalopies huku vumbistan

    Steel rims are the best for peasant jalopies, Alloy rims za German machine are 100 k a pop bila discount
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    Jakuon Ameingiza Baridi, Hahaaaaa!

    Ruto Hana a meaningful competitor in 2027,Rao is old ,the others are useless kingmakers
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    Elders nawakiche

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    Isuzu D-Max vs Toyota Hilux Comparison, Two Very Popular Makes & Brands

    D Max Iko sawa kabisa
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    Jakuon Ameingiza Baridi, Hahaaaaa!

    Losing oparanya,joho and uhunye costed Rao seriously
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    Only 9% of Kenyans have permanent employment

    Employment is for losers !!!!!
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    Her dad was a honorable men.

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    Her dad was a honorable men.

    MGTOW=FREEDOM........After all that toiling and sacrifice by her dad,is she an HONORABLE DAUGHTER?
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    Wilson Sossion kuoa kunguru

    @Yuletapeli , confirm hii kinyua waji
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    Explicit Mali ya 150

    Woi,no,no,no,no ,even with criss crossed legs hakuna figure hata kidogo ,she has a shape of a Greek alphabet letter, saitan!!!!!!!!!!
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    FINALLY JUSTICE!! Isilii killer cop to be charged with murder!!

    Most native seuth African s youth and the old ones are lazy , love to party,sex is like a handshake,ulevi na madawa za kulevya ndio zao ,that's why Zimbabwean s, Malawian s ,somalis and naijas ndio wengi doing business in Soweto and other surburbs , Zenobia Iko mingi Sana but most Kenyans wako...
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    You can buy that license lakini maisha yako Iko hatarini when you drive cars or trucks and you aren't trained properly to operate. Ntsa should adopt a practical licensing practice where you graduate to a higher license class after a number of years of on road driving and a points based driving...
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    Share your experiences

    Premium tears loading!!!!!