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  1. hakimoto

    Sokwemtu kapsaa.

  2. hakimoto

    Tutafika huku lini ndindu.

  3. hakimoto

    Android 13 finally

  4. hakimoto

    Ghana Vs Uruguay / S.korea Vs Portugal

    Who is going home. Will Ghana revenge 2010 heartbreak. World cup drama continues.
  5. hakimoto

    Nimewaundia ringtone.

    Na hii song.
  6. hakimoto

    Admin weka Kijiji wrapped

    Hey pharmacy you spent 86,852 hrs on chokosh wars 6,432 hrs more than last year Rexumbwa you spent12,346,555 hrs on momos. And on 10 minutes in business section. Hey nyamgodho you spent 8, 643,863hrs in tech section and 5 minutes in sex and relationship. You need to get laid
  7. hakimoto

    Weah senior and weah junior

  8. hakimoto

    Costa Rica Vs Germany / Japan Vs spain

    Who's going home.
  9. hakimoto

    Congratulations morocco.

    The second African team top their group in history. The first was Nigeria 1998
  10. hakimoto

    Canada Vs Morocco / Croatia Vs Belgium.

    Who will top the group. Who's going home with Canada.
  11. hakimoto

    Tuko December wadau

  12. hakimoto

    Argentina inauwa nyoka

    Who will top the group
  13. hakimoto

    Senegal iuwe nyoka

  14. hakimoto

    When you inhale helium....

    Your voice changes to high pitch saprano.
  15. hakimoto

    Amapiano ya yesu

  16. hakimoto

    World's most important company.

    The Dutch ASML is the only chip making machine company in the world. The whole humanity depends on it.
  17. hakimoto

    S Korea Vs Ghana

    Koreans wanasumbua
  18. hakimoto

    Timbaland, the king of collabos.

  19. hakimoto

    Spain Vs Germany

    Will Germans redeem themselves
  20. hakimoto

    Belgium Vs Morocco

    Wamesema ni off