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    Safely dryfry lanyes!

    Start with yourself
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    Safaricom Ethiopia: How Safaricom Shareholders Got Screwed

    Safaricom is a subsidiary of Vodafone, it's not a homegrown company. I don't get why Kenyans are that attached to it.
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    Why Is KBC Monopolizing World Cup?

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    Safely dryfry lanyes!

    Wewe ndio hufikiri, if you knew about the Kallergi plan,you wouldn't have written that nonsense
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    Continue backing mediocrity, the last 3 years will keep on happening in a loop, that's for sure. I saw Mourinho was right during his last summer, he publicly came out and said he asked for players that the club didn't sign. Ralf was right in saying the squad needs a complete overhaul. CR7 was to...
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    Ronaldo was right in his interview,as for Manchester united fans, they're very feebleminded.They're currently too stupid to realize that,the Glazers are currently distracting them with their ridiculous pr briefs on transfers of Mbappe etc.Instead of accepting the truth on what CR7 said and...
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    Christiano amesema kama mbaya, mbaya

    Only Manchester united fans can call winners like CR7 & Pogba 'virus' ,no wonder the club is on its' longest trophy drought ever. Successful managers with a lot of trophies, all know how to make a team function with the big players. Ten Haag clearly isn't one of them yet, and United are scraping...
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    Takeoff's death foretold?

    You decide
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    Increase in blood clots is worrying.

    Pharmaceutical companies have built some kiosk defibrillators, I heard some have been spotted in the UK
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    Ethics of Blood Donation

    Blood is big business
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    The genesis of Ukraina crisis

    Child trafficking
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    clearing the bullshittt

    bibi wa mtu guy ni msee wa jaba
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    All Luos support Arsenal. Why? Baba?

    You were very happy when United signed Bruno Fernandes,you commented on my thread on that.
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    All Luos support Arsenal. Why? Baba?

    Baba and @Yuletapeli are Manchester United fans, they're lying.When United start winning silverware, you'll see them sneaking back
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    They want you to be ga.y

    They're behind every depravity being pushed.
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    Check settings,allow installation from unknown sources
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    Maybe the car is armoured
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    Women i

    Okay, nowadays it's like that then.
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    Women i

    It's satire