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    groping gone wrong

    Tall mnyama everywhere caught
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    smelly nyap

    Nimewai dem brown skin mrembo ,kufuka bed akatoa panty ile uvundo ilitoka. Nilivaa cd juu nilikua nimembao mbaya nikaingiza . Kuma ilikua tamu moist and warm nikapump mbio nimalize ndio nitoroke hio uvundo .
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    job opportunity

    ST Patricks Hills school is looking for teachers all subjects .Degree or diploma in two teaching subjects. Meals and housing provided salary is 25,000 .No salary paid during holidays contact 0721169827
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    Teaching maths CBC

    Tafakari ya babu na Swaleh Mdoe "Nikiangalia kopo langu la mkono, lasema ni saa moja na dakika takribani kumi na kenda." Tafakari ya babu... "Mtoto mmoja alianza kujipaka mate kichwani katika darasa la hesabu. Mwalimu akamuuliza, "kwa nini wewe mjinga unajipaka mate? "mtoto akamjibu,"jana...
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    job offer

    We are a new company that is expanding its operations to East Africa and are looking for passionate, self driven individuals to join the company. No experience needed as training will be offered. Skills: > Ability to work with minimum supervision > Can communicate effectively in both Kiswahili...
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    single mum kills son to get married

    A middle-aged woman who allegedly murdered her 7 year-old son in order to get married was rescued by Makongeni Police from an attempted lynching in Kiganjo Estate, Thika West Sub-County. It took the intervention of the Makongeni police who had to use force to disperse the irate crowd which was...
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    rav 4

    RAV4 2013 model with 13,000 miles, kshs 300,000. Let me know if you are interested. The owner is leaving the country, very good price. Here is a pic if you are interested.
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    how ladies bash single dads

    Would I ever date a baby daddy? No, thank you! Baby daddies are high up on my “men not to date” list, right next to ex-convicts and drug addicts! It baffles me that a woman in her right mind would consciously choose to date a man who is a father of a child not of her womb. Baby-daddy-ville is...
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    jubilee development

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    merry xmas

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    c and p

    Wife of slain Kiru High School Principal was on Tuesday charged with murder before High Court in Murang’a. Jane Muthoni Mucheru was charged that on diverse dates between November 6 and November 11 this year at Karuguta area in Kiambu County, together with others not before the court they...
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    Do not steal a transformer

    This ninja tried to steal a transformer in ruiru .Things went wrong and instead the transformer transformed him into a lifeless form.Do not try this at home
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    2m christmas tree

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    super jackpot

    WINNER: Mr. Byegon has won 36,089,533/= Mega Jackpot bonus by getting 16/17 correct predictions. Try today, visit
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    where a woman marries herself

    Desperation among kikuyu women to get married has worsened over the years and as opposed to illicit brew which can be destroyed, it seems that my friends from Central Kenya have overabundance of problems which would make their ancestors twitch their ass in their old graves. These are my words...
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    kenyan women in states

    But once the woman touches her money, it becomes hers. And the man now has to feed and provide for the family. Kenyan women want equality the American way, but when it comes to bills, they fish out their worst Kenyan habits. Good Lord! What For starters, their ambition is seen as destructive and...
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    in laws

    “My husband is the firstborn of five children. Three of his siblings are still in school, one in high school and two in primary school,” she begins. , she feels that her husband spends too much money on his family, money they could invest as a couple. “My mother-in-law lives in a small farm...
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    dowry demands