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  1. AmTheNightBeforeChristmas


    am not introducing anybody to kwangala kungulu starehe,but wale wanajua club vip,saa hizi mwenyewe who is my best friend ako almost finishing it..its at the top most level,..yaani ghorofa ya juu hiyo imeclose liddos,apple bees,small world,bavon and the rest...!
  2. AmTheNightBeforeChristmas

    breathe from experience

    I was raised among books, making invisible friends in pages that seemed cast from dust and whose smell I carry on my hands to this day.
  3. AmTheNightBeforeChristmas

    i just thought.

    It is the useless things that make life worth living and that make life dangerous too: wine, love, art, beauty. Without them life is safe, but not worth bothering with.
  4. AmTheNightBeforeChristmas

    that's me.

    If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live.
  5. AmTheNightBeforeChristmas


    Is it still considered a heartache when in fact, it’s your entire body and soul that feel broken?
  6. AmTheNightBeforeChristmas


    I should have kissed you longer…relished in that moment. If only I had know it would be the last time.
  7. AmTheNightBeforeChristmas

    to touch your hair

    i fall from pieces i sold myself on past beliefs of a tired self and i bask in the thought of thoughts i once had where things seemed to be ever at ease and i wake in the night to bake in the sun wade in the thoughts of men in my might where i tango through rapids but cave in delight of lust i...
  8. AmTheNightBeforeChristmas

    other thoughts.

    in ego i trip to dance before you like cells of my walls i collide with you against our skin we shade to believe in ourselves against one to twine between sheets of our song and i’m calling for you atop mountains i turn to like your edges against mine two into one and i’m dancing for you like...
  9. AmTheNightBeforeChristmas

    the road to doom

    maybe this world is another planet's hell.the current events of murder cases and deaths that are happening in our country makes me think otherwise.i mean every time i watch the news,accidents and murder cases flock the bulletins from one channel to the other.whats wrong with us,whats the era...
  10. AmTheNightBeforeChristmas

    We are the others,my weed wrote...

    chewing on a piece of grass walking down the road tell me, how long you gonna stay here joe? some people say this town dont look good in snow you dont care, i know ventura highway in the sunshine where the days are longer the night are stronger the moonshine you are gonna go i know 'cause the...
  11. AmTheNightBeforeChristmas

    Am afraid T tell The History

    The generations that fell on existence from the after math of 2002 in Kenya have a long not of value ethical political diagram to draw in oratorical parades when questions of our the countries political history are asked by our sons to call after this day i ink this Quote-graph.The integrity of...