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  1. MikeOck

    Female bonobo drowns on Facebook live

    At around the 10 minute mark. Amedrown akiringia watu pale FB na mali ya sponyo
  2. MikeOck

    The reason Kibe is fading into obscurity

    Channel ya Kibe ishaanza kudedi after a few months of going viral. There is only so much negativity one can listen to. Eventually unaanza kubore, even if your negative opinions are true. People generally want to be around positive energy
  3. MikeOck

    Azor Ahai exposed

    This @Azor Ahai guy deletes any threads of his that don't get replies within a few minutes. What a loser, yaani anaona reputation ya KenyaTalk ni kitu ya kuprotect surely? Guy must have nothing else going for him in life :D :D :D
  4. MikeOck

    Man spends 500k on woman and doesn't get laid

    Proceeds to cry about it on the internet :D
  5. MikeOck

    Kumbe kuna gari kama hizi Kenya?

  6. MikeOck

    Explicit Fat women assemble

    Bash ya @rexxsimba
  7. MikeOck

    18+ Neyo's wife dumps him for dry frying lanyes

    Ungrateful woman
  8. MikeOck

    Kazi ya @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndani

    @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii was recently caught on film at his workplace. Watch the video attached
  9. MikeOck

    Ngoma ya elders

  10. MikeOck

    UDA slay queen vies for MP

  11. MikeOck

    Ni kama Kibe ashaisha fashion

    Only 80 viewers kwa live stream saa zile jamaa alikuwa anachezea 6k just a few months ago. Hii hustle ya influencer ni ya mapanda shuka
  12. MikeOck

    Hapa Andrew Tate amemaliswa

    Jamaa hangedebate hapa, amekulwa 10-0. Hadi imebidi maboyz wamwokolee out of pity
  13. MikeOck

    This guy is living life on his own terms na hafichi

    Guy is called Tony Huge. Jamaa alimake a few million dollars pale US alafu akahama kule Thailand. Now the guy keeps a harem of lanyes, has children with a few and does steroids openly. Amazing to see him living life openly on his own terms
  14. MikeOck

    3.2 million school fees

  15. MikeOck

    Is it possible for a child to avoid bad influences in an 80IQ bonobo country?

    Mimi nikikumbuka nikiwa mtoto, there were bad influences everywhere. From the public schools to the private schools, from the poor Estates to the rich ones. Huku Kenya kuna mahali mtoto hatapata bad influence na vile kuna low IQ bonobos kila mahali?
  16. MikeOck

    18+ Stivo Simple Boy joins dry fry battalion

    We're taking more applications. Come one, come all
  17. MikeOck

    18+ Wangapi? Stacy 420 wa chaturbate

    Someone give me the number of this butterface lanye nione kama naweza mpatia offer ya kukula dry
  18. MikeOck

    18+ Dry frying lanyes

    How much can someone offer to lanyes to guarantee dry fry action? PS: Mimi apana tambua STDs, moral police please turn back now
  19. MikeOck

    Umbwa hii