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  1. Bonnified

    EPL inarudi leo

    EPL will be back on our screens, what are your expectations after the heavy transfers??? Top 4? Goldenboot winner? Elegated? Arsenal? Liverpool vs Man C? Man U?
  2. Bonnified

    Mahewa Vs Isuzu Truck Series

    Nakuanga group ingine ya maelders wa Trucks pale FB, and let me tell you Maina, the critics I usually see comparing Mitsubishi and the Isuzu Trucks is on another level, kwanza mahewa (Fuso) na Isuzu FRR/FSR. But it's fun. Hapa mnasemaje kuzihusu??
  3. Bonnified

    Tour & Travel Company Start up

    What does it take to start a Tour company Kenya? Whoever might be having the experience, would you mind sharing it here. Is it a lucrative business these days? I'm also looking for someone who'd be interested in partnership.
  4. Bonnified

    Predict the future of this country

    With how things are going recently in terms of surviving in these tough economic times, what are some of the things you foresee will happen to us, and maybe we need to be prepared?
  5. Bonnified

    KenyaTalk Vs Reddit Vs Twitter

    Of the mentioned platforms, which one do you prefer, especially in terms of content, helpful, and reliable Ni gani ya mabonobos, creative Kenyans, or total idiots.
  6. Bonnified


    I know everyone here might be behind Warriors but I'm feeling like Celtics will be forcing a game 7 on Thursday