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    Coffee Millionaires Of Chepkumbe, Bugoma,1974 -1977

    True that coffee boom woke up a sleepy town and made many prostitutes
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    Perhaps Raila's/Rutos Case Is Not Entirely Hopeless

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    Ruto's Strategy Akinyimwa Kiti Ni Kuulisha The Same Voters

    That is how the butcher from Sungoi and his half brained followers reasons.
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    Ruto amebeba hii kitu

    Let me ask you. CROWD = VOTES? Jana Raila alikuwa Eldoret, Hiyo Crowd Yote aliyokuwa nayo watavotia Raila? Answer me that question. According to you Raila Sasa atashinda RUTO in Eldoret judging by the crowds. Tumiaga Akili saa ingine
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    PEV Not Likely To Occur Because Major Culprits Are Divided Down The Middle

    The main community that suffers the biggest brunt of Post Elections Violence is the Agikuyu. This time around kiuks are on both sides of the river.
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    Who Will Replace Kingpins RAO, Uhuru & Kalonzo In Their Respective Regions

    These 3 are growing old and at the same time people are getting bored by them. Uhuru Kenyatta has the lowest score among his tribemen followed by Kalonzo. Raila still commands a lot of influence in the lake region but time is not on his side. After RAILA who will lead the Luo Nation? Kambas...
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    I Am Starting To Reconsider My Stand. Kenyattas Have Stolen From Us For Too Long

    Can Kenyatta's lands be repossessed and forcibly be taken over by the GoK? When the colonialists left why weren't those pieces of land taken over by the GoK, instead Kenyatta Senior and his cronies took them over. Is it possible for the incoming president to go aganist Kenyatta, Moi families...
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    I Killed My Egerton University Girlfriend Out Of Anger', Follows The Steps Of His Mentor, DP Ruto

    Ruto, DP alinyonga kijana mdogo in 1992 akauwa. That is when demons took over him and he has never looked back. Ruto DP kuuwa mtu ni kama kuuwa kuku. Mbwa yeye.
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    Raila The 5th Debating With Corrupt Ruto Would Be Bargaining With A THIEF

    Very true. Chebukati says Venezuelans were IEBC IT Contractors. Why were they carrying IEBC papers and stickers On personal luggage? Who had setup the Servers that were confiscated yesterday. RUTO NA WASHIRIKA WAKE NI WEZI AND SHOULD NOT BE ENTRUSTED WITH THE LEADERSHIP ON ANY NATION. THEY...
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    Explicit Why Are Males With Earrings Considered As Fags?

    Since the 1990s this has been the norm. Mwanaume akivaa earrings yeye no homo.
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    Heat Exhaustion Killing Europeans Like Stray Dogs In Spain, Portugal & UK

    Hundreds of people have died due to heat in Spain and Portugal over the past week as Europe continues to battle temperatures of above 40C. In Spain, 510 people fell victim to the heatwave between July 10 and July 16, Spain’s Carlos III Institute’s numbers show. On Monday, heat in certain...
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    Who Does EU / US / China Want To Be Kenya's Next President

    Like it or not these mofos have a lot of influence in Africa. They own at least 90% of Kenya's economy. from the look of things who do you think they support. TEAM RUTO or TEAM RAILA?
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    18+ Kufinger Manzi. Have You Ever Tried Anal Fingering A Woman?

    Seen it in p0rn and I have tried pus,sy finguring lakini kufinger huko manyu apana!! :meffi::meffi:
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    Hacking Facebook

    If two step authentication is enabled even being on the same WiFi will not help you gain access to another person's account. How are you going to duplicate cookie sessions on a second device without the host server kicking you out?
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    Name 5 Wholly African Multinationals. Then You'll Have The Answer To, WHY IS AFRICA UNDERDEVELOPED

    Very tough question, nimejaribu kufikiria an African corporation nikashindwa. Hata cement tunapatia Wahindi shamba wachimbe limestone Titanium tunapatia Canadians Oil tunapatia Brits Soda Ash tunapatia Tata ya India. Muafrika is a cursed animal
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    Raila Atwoli meets DP Ruto

    Every body knew Uhuru wanted to tame Ruto from the get guy. Otherwise Ruto would have killed very kikuyu in the Rift Valley. The same Ruto is now saying he will jail Uhuru after he slaps him in the face. Ruto slapped Reuben Cheshire so he is an expert in slapping others. However, the biggest...
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    Toilet Business. Ni Kubaya Wadau

    In my many commutes i've noticed that sh!t is money these days even in small towns. Years ago toilets in small towns were NEVER locked, FFW to today and everyone is charging Ksh 10 to use the toilet, it also makes sense since paid for toilets are cleaner than FREE toilets.