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    Juba - South Sudan

    Looking for a good hotel in Juba, preferably along the white Nile. Should have English/Swahili specking staff, African food, tight security. Budget is KES 4,000 per night ONO. Kindly assist. If you have contacts you can inbox me. Thanks in advance.
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    If you have not seen this...Click
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    The Firearms Act (Cap. 114)

    Kwa wale hawajaona...
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    hello adele

    As you prepare for Lunch...
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    CS Mucheru warns media of shutdown...

    BY JOSEPH WANGUI @Josephwangui2 The government has threatened to shut down media houses that will announce election results before the electoral agency. ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru said the responsibility of announcing results solely lies with the IEBC and...
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    Black sails S4E10, Prison Break S5E2

    Hello Villagers, Naomba dowload links for the above two episodes, Asande...
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    Look at that face...
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    What was Zuckerberg really after in Kenya?

    What was Zuckerberg really after in Kenya After India Said a big No! to him Facebook’s interest in Africa is obvious: we are the next billion users who need to be brought onstream. As I recounted recently in my weekly newsletter on the future of business, Facebook has a plan for emerging...
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    To all the men with people: Request for action

    Long read. It’s time men took charge of wayward Kenyan wives I have noticed that the wives of some my peers behave like they are unwilling girlfriends forced into cohabitation by an unfortunate pregnancy. Rarely have I ever been served a decent meal in their homes. Rarely have I been invited...
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    The Strange History of Corn Flakes

    Corn flakes cereal is a staple on breakfast tables all over the world. Today it is marketed as a healthy part of a balanced breakfast. But corn flakes were originally invented by a fanatically religious doctor as a way to stop people from masturbating. The country's most popular anti-sex food...
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    Love your nuts

    Thought you should know,
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    Political facts

    What you have to know in regards to yesterdays happenings in parliament...
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    The Ilemi Triangle saga

    Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia are locked in tussle over Ilemi Triangle Tension is mounting at Ilemi Triangle, a disputed border area, after five Kenyans, including two police reservists, were shot dead in two separate attacks. The countries locked in the dispute are Kenya, South Sudan and...
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    Climate change: Survival tactics

    Drastic measures, as we wait for that "kuoshwa miguu jioni" ceremony.
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    Look at the eyes,

    Sema shining your eye...
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    Before we call it a day...

    Call it originality
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    That moment...

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    Please rescue men

    Please rescue men, who are endangered by domestic violence It is evident that the females in this republic have become indomitable. They have mastered and mustered the art of unruliness, thus subjecting the realm in which they were brought to shackles. Saying women should be empowered at the...
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    TBT, again

    Who remembers this, what was/is the name in your neighborhood?
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    Uganda decides

    On other news...