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  1. blueline

    She wasn't there to please the white man.

    Yeah. Cz the main players will never let new entrants liberalise the sector. They buy at 90 from farmers, process, roast and brand them organic then export them at 400 per kilo
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    Safe travels
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    Tiweni, nyuma, bila utelezi

    That shit got woven in some dingy ass place right in this republic but those nylon lines were made in china. Why are your balls in a knot sani?
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    What was that about?
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    18+ Happy Birthday

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    Governors Farewell Meeting

    Ati Nyanza politician...? :D:D:D:D:D:D
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    Undercover whores

    :D:D:D saitan!
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    Undercover whores

    but of course :D
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    Undercover whores

    Yaani you guys are literal vagina magnets? You are busy driving down a street and then bam! a vagina slips and falls onto your cock. You are sitted behind your desk and voila! there's a cunt that's screaming for your cock! Nipewe tricks on behalf of kappa male society
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    Uhuru Kenyatta

    What Our dear leader Muigai can dream in his sleep most of you can't think of in an exam room.
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    Kata talons buana
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    Have you ever turned down poosie?

    Ha ha ha you can't turn down what you haven't been given
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    Horror Dream

    Shait! Did you draw that pic with your own blood? Luwere! Nyasaye akhulinde!
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    Sledgehammer Was Right all Along

    Supreme leader @Makonika this here is unprecedented in the annals of village history. Our membership is finally growing.
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    Sunday heavy lunch

    Coming from a person who enjoys the occasional monkey pot roast !? Cheza chini :D:D
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    Sunday heavy lunch

    The heo!?
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    The 12 Known Regimes

    Ituīka ni ho tûrī