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  1. MikeOck

    Female bonobo drowns on Facebook live

    At around the 10 minute mark. Amedrown akiringia watu pale FB na mali ya sponyo
  2. MikeOck

    Ktalk fathers.. For the sake of national interest and well being of your society. Don't let your son grow without a father figure

    Your intentions are noble, but such intentions need to be kept secret. Otherwise that will now incentivize the mother to use the kids as a weapon in bad times. The painful truth of long term relationships is that women will always look for how they can get to you mentally, and you must make sure...
  3. MikeOck

    Explicit Can you control your erection?

    wah, YouTube imekubali hiyo aje?
  4. MikeOck

    Big D*#K Problems

    Ata mimi niko na hizo shida. Villagers leteni mawaidha
  5. MikeOck

    Arguably one of the easiest businesses you can ever engage in. Here's why.

    Easy business means you will be competing with hundreds of people in that same business and none of you will make profit
  6. MikeOck

    Pia Chebucat hajui hesabu!!

    Roundi hii kesi ya Raila ni weak sana. Reminds me of Trump, complaining about rigging yet ni wewe ulikuwa na state machinery
  7. MikeOck

    Explicit hii ni true ama catfish nimeipata nairobi hot

    Any woman in that position will look juicy, ata ule Ssenga wa @rexxsimba
  8. MikeOck

    Wazito Betting king Sparta is back after a long break.Lets bet leo kick off 12.30pm

    Nimebet time ya Champions League final lakini hizo taxes zilikuwa demoralizing. Wenye wamebaki kwa betting sasa ni ma addicts
  9. MikeOck

    I bet some of these shallow town bimbos will never get married. Hata kupika hawajui

    Don't waste time wishing ill on women. They will likely get whatever they want in relationships. There is always a beta male willing to rescue them from a bad situation
  10. MikeOck

    18+ Jackie

    Every once in a while rexx huwa unagonga ndipo. Throw enough sh*t on the wall and some will stick
  11. MikeOck

    18+ Celebrating Black Women: Khaddi Sagnia

    What's amazing is that she doesn't have a man face. Hawa madame wa misuli mingi hukaanga wanaume sana sana
  12. MikeOck

    Jorja smith

    Real Gs know not to give high ratings until you see a woman naked without makeup
  13. MikeOck

    18+ Liz Nyar Gem 6

    That is one of the trending businesses right now. Watu waliona Bonfire wakimake, copycats kama elfu moja zikatokea
  14. MikeOck

    Things To Expect Going Forward

    haya, vile thread haijapata comments sasa delete haraka kabla waone
  15. MikeOck

    The wall is and will forever be undefeated. Amen.

    Si huyu dame amezaa juzi? Inexperienced, unreasonable bonobos ndio wamejaa kwa hii thread
  16. MikeOck

    Explicit Nawaongezea sabuni ya mecho

    ulianza vizuri alafu photoshop ikaingilia kati
  17. MikeOck

    Explicit bigassss video ni kubwa imekata kupost

    Si ungeinbox tu @rexxsimba mjibambe in private. Sisi watu wa taste poa hapana tambua hizi kiboko
  18. MikeOck

    The reason Kibe is fading into obscurity

    Kibe detected. Fukuswii ni wewe
  19. MikeOck

    Battle of the Cuties: Maxine Wabosha vs Carrie Wahu

    Self-hating bonobo. You think other skin colors like you? @administrator ban this schoopit mujinga
  20. MikeOck

    Battle of the Cuties: Maxine Wabosha vs Carrie Wahu

    Huyo Wabosha ni mcute but sometimes anakaa mtoi sana, ata watu wanaeza kukushuku ukionekana na yeye mahali. Huyo Carrie Wahu kama hiyo ni nywele yake nashoro, I'll give it to her based on that