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    Kenyans broke moments

    nimesoma ii link nkaona venye wasee waupitia life when broke maze...
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    forex or binary option

    i hear alot about forex and binary option trading, and am new to it. I want to find out if there is a ktalker here who does either forex or binary, ni gani poa between the two ? and if they are making money from it , and how one can start ... any feedback is appreciated.
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    Imac for sale

    Wakubwa nauza imac all in one desktop. Specs are : 27 inch ,1tb, 8gb ram, core i5 ,2.7 ghz, truebrite screen hd, all in one desktop mac os 10.12 sierra ( upgradable to mojave 10.14) ,used for 1 yr , nvidia geforce gtx 675 mx 1024 mb ( supports eternalGPU graphics card using thunderbolt) for...
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    Alliance aim global

    is this legit or just another scam ?
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    Dot matrix printers

    Where can i get dot matrix printer papers in large quantities for an Epson LX-1350 dot matrix printer ?
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    ISP needed

    Anyone who has any leads on an ISP provider in muranga county, sana sana along kangari , kigumo constituency ?