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  1. Himmler

    Farouk kibet ndio ameanza game

  2. Himmler

    NEW Speakers of parliament

    You got to give it to Lootall.He has already moved with speed to buy out the 24 independent mps in a move to solidify House majority.electing the speakers will be a walk in the park in both houses! making him even stronger!.baba una tuangusha yo
  3. Himmler


    Its the highest time we go digital on voting.either on IEBC PORTAL or an App. This will not only save on cost to IEBC but the candidates.imagine a situation where you don't need any funds for agents. It will also minimize the paper works.all these forms 34 would be redundant. Results will be...
  4. Himmler

    Shortest president elect -Problem with thieves they Will always leave finger prints

    We meet in court, shortest president elect ever.they left a split of hair in the crime scene
  5. Himmler

    Tukubali Yaishe.-lazima mta kulwa haga

  6. Himmler

    Uzuri tuta teswa sisi wote

    Lakini knowing kalejingas...expect shaking of all the parastatsl in next 12 months hata cleaner atakua Cherop na chairman wa board Kemboi Muthamaki ali waaambia mkajifanya
  7. Himmler

    Citizen Tv

    How come in all other stations lootall has a lead lakini citizen Tv are still maintaining Rao as the frontrunner
  8. Himmler

    I was to vote in RAO but f**k that shit

    I ain't queing for shit! I ain't drinking ,liquor for shit!I'm catching Netflix and sleep in the afternoon! Nigga is my neighbor but our Road has been in bad shape for years! Nime delete Twitter,any news I'm getting is only from Kenyatalk.
  9. Himmler

    Eti Tanzania to Host EAC Central Bank -ufala

    Kenya and Uganda have rejected selection of Tanzania as the country that will host the East African Central Bank. Kenya says criteria used was not objective. East African Community intends to create a single currency for the region. — The East African
  10. Himmler

    Githeri Media and DPs debate

    Honestly I have posited time and again how our education system has managed to create mediocres .If you can construct English words fluently,in Kenya you will be considered as a white man and very knowledgeable. Sasa Gachagua says the 200 million in his account came about as a result of...
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    Whats your retirement plan

    Do you guys save for retirement,ama ukizeeka uta blame watoto wako for not helping you. Is your retirement plan fingers crossed and just pray
  12. Himmler

    Spire bank

    Wadau, Any one who works for spire bank here?
  13. Himmler

    Shity OCS

    Long Rant I clearly don't understand why the gov insists on recruiting D- in the police force.Imagine for a second,you are employing someone who didn't take his education seriously to have monopoly of violence. Yesterday I encountered a deranged OCS in one of the police station.I clearly see...
  14. Himmler

    The Battle of The Data

    Observation tu.Lootall had seen far by having his man in the IEBC IN 2017 Thug Chirichir,he knew his usefulness in 2022. Lakini uhunye amempiga Tackle moja hatari by appointing the CEO of East Africa Data Handlérs. Hii game si jokes wadau,by August lootall atakua ame ji shondea.they know all his...
  15. Himmler

    Ata mimi Wacha ni fanye EBRUFICATION

    Staki lawama:D
  16. Himmler

    Uhuru in deep shiet

  17. Himmler

    Uhuru the chess ♟️ master

    Nashuku uhunye,on uhuru's mastery on political chess.i have written this before. This guy is a Master, and he has used his perception by us to his advantage,Ile ya Uhuru ni mlevi hawezi shiet. I would want to have his mind game,just like that of his father. Huyu jama from supporting kibaki as...
  18. Himmler

    Kenyan ina oza Wadau -mafia