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  1. Ingohome

    Accomodations around ruiru

    I have some clients who are coming to Kenya for kazi kidogo around ruiru Am looking for recommendations of good hotels around ruiru that offer full board services,if possible wakuwe na swimming pool and a gym.(wifi ni muhimu) I need like 9 rooms for 2 weeks but bei isiwe more than 4k per day
  2. Ingohome

    Was D....Mungai extradited?

    Kesi ya @D.... Mungai iliandaje? Was he extradited to Rwanda to face prison term?
  3. Ingohome

    Okuyu in UK sirikal

    Am watching our former colonial master making baseless accusations against Russia The name of the guy..JAMES KARIUKI.
  4. Ingohome

    Voice changer

    Kitambo Tecno mulika mwizi phones used to have a feature known as pitch shift Yaani,u could change your voice to feminine,ya mtoto,uko Kwa kelele and such. I need those old models phone with such features Who knows the models and the sellers