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  1. Kalenjin101

    The First 100 days in Office

    Assuming you're the newly elected president, what would be your first agenda within the next 100 days? Especially on matters economy.
  2. Kalenjin101

    The Future of Luo Nyanza

    Now that the Odingas are about to tap out and exit the scene, who will take over the leadership of the Nyanza region?
  3. Kalenjin101

    Kenya under the Lion of Sugoi

    I have no doubt that Ruto will be one of the best presidents ever. On matters economy, he will prove the naysayers wrong. At a personal level, he is a man who always strive to be the best in everything he does. I hope he will project that energy to nation building.
  4. Kalenjin101

    Post-election Assimiotic Depression (PAD)

    Bonobo @Ndindu @uwesmake @johnpombe @Wanaruona @PHARMACY @Old Monk @poyoloko @Sambamba @Azor Ahai @Electronics4u @Gaza @Thirimaii @Meria Mata et cetera I hope you guys will do a great job in serving the nation as reliable and honourable members of the opposition. I wish you well! Start...
  5. Kalenjin101

    Violence in Kisumu and Kibera

    While Matiangi is busy profiling Kalenjins of Eldorert, Molo, Nakuru and Kuresoi and spreading hate leaflets, Americans have categorically stated that violence is likely to happen only in Kisumu. Americans are on their own league when it comes to intel. Wakisema Ojinga will lose and Luos will...
  6. Kalenjin101

    Is Kenyatalk on Assimio's Payroll?

    The rate at which the top stakeholders on this platform are promoting evil assimiotic agenda is raising more questions than answers. As much as every Kenyan is entitled to a democratic right of electing leaders of their choice, using the platform to spread fake news, promote violence and...
  7. Kalenjin101

    No to Violence

    Rest assured that Ruto will win with 54%+ votes. Jaluos will be so shocked by the outcome that they will start burning tyres in Kibera and Kisumu. However, they will be swiftly dealt with and reminded that they had the deep state. Uhuru will be silent and when finally confronted by the now...
  8. Kalenjin101

    The Mighty Kalenjins of Mulot

    Mlisema the government of Kenya does not negotiate with 'terrorists.' Apparently, only the mighty Kalenjins can make the government of Kenya negotiate with 'terrorists':D:D:D Kalenjins the Yahoo boys of Kenya:D:D Anyway, here is the new Silicon Savannah at its infancy!
  9. Kalenjin101

    The Lion of Sugoi

    Ojinga aliingiza baridi akajitoa mapema:D:D
  10. Kalenjin101

    Tutsis vs. Bantus of the Great Lakes region

    Yaani a population of just over 500k imewaangaisha proper throughout the Great Lake regions. Pale Eastern Congo the M23 inacharaza those Congo Bantus mpaka the Congolese government inawaita the international community iwasaidie. On a serious note, are Tutsis really victims as they always claim...
  11. Kalenjin101

    The Fake Iron Lady

    The much hyped Iron lady is nothing but Nylon lady. Kataaaaambe sasa. So far, Gachagua 10, Martha 2!
  12. Kalenjin101

    The Most Brilliant Kenyan Leaders (Ever)

    1. Thomas Joseph Mboya (IQ: 142) Emotional Intelligence: 10/10 Street Smart: 10/10 Book Smart: 10/10 Raw Ambition: 10/10 Statecraft (Economics): 10/10 Statecraft (Social): 9/10 Statecraft (Political): 8/10 Art of Public Speaking: 10/10 2. William Samoei Ruto (IQ: 139) Emotional Intelligence...
  13. Kalenjin101

    Assimiotics have Started Crying!

    Yaani ata election haijafika na Assimiotics washaanza kulia. Ile mbio the lion of Sugoi atawakimbiza...:D:D:D Okoteni mawe alafu pia drain Lake Victoria juu suicide rates will skyrocket. Ruto is the Deep State and Deep State is Ruto.
  14. Kalenjin101

    The most incompetent minister!

    This azimionated Peter Munya is a real definition of Uhuru's government; incompetence, mediocrity and loss of touch with the common mwanaichi. I bought fertilizer @ksh 6000 and this man is indeed determined not to give us a break with the current unga prices. If these characters come close to...
  15. Kalenjin101

    The Kenyatta Inc.

    A combination of low IQ and unchecked greediness, and these are the results. Which kind of greediness is this that you're willing to sell your country not just to the Chinese but Arabs as well. This man deserves to be jailed or executed for treason. This Ichaweri thug is a poster child of the...
  16. Kalenjin101

    The 'Most Liberal' Community in Kenya

    Kiambu should have a non-Kikuyu as a deputy governor to represent the ever growing non-native population within the county. Afterall, Kikuyus always pull a liberal card when it suits. The 'most liberal' community should show the rest of the country the way!
  17. Kalenjin101

    Karma dose: Tom Mboya version

    When Mt. kenya bonobos killed Tom Mboya, a man who would have transformed this country beyond our imagination, they thought that they would be in power forever. They thought that they would always be in control of the Kenyan politics. Some of these Ichaweri gang and their enablers never learn...
  18. Kalenjin101

    Kalenjins are like Jews

    Everyone hates the mighty Kalenjins but they cannot get rid of us. Go through the threads on this platform and you can see the raw hate, bile and satanic anti-Kalenjin vibes. It is becoming something fashionable to talk ill of the mighty Kalenjins. We're the most prosperous, we have produced...
  19. Kalenjin101

    How to Survive in Africa

    To survive in African societies, you must always pretend you're broke. Even when it is obvious that you're not, you must feign some serious financial commitments e.g. servicing non-existent loans. That's how you will co-exist peacefully and happily with your spouse, family members, neighbors...
  20. Kalenjin101

    Karua Effect Down spiralling?!

    It was a matter of few weeks before Kenyans learnt that Martha Karua is overrated and definitely has nothing to offer. She has become a mockery of herself. So shallow that it is embarrassing. Those who thought that she will have an impact are slowly accepting the massive disappointed. Poleni...