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  1. mchipy

    How can I be internet Distributor... Wadua

    Wadua, nilihamia new area na hakuna internet distributor reliable, nimeona kuna ka opportunity apa, ule ako ni monopoly.. After pay for mine alitake like 1wk indio acome ku configure... In order nikuwe distributor bpi what do i need..
  2. mchipy

    Wazazii saidiaa apa..

    Wadua nikoo na 'junior.. fake name' my son 13yrs, ako class 7 next year ni candidate.. uyu mtoi amekuwa time yote ni kukaaa kwa hao the whole day na ps4 since nibuyie kama present ya bash yake last year Aprill 28th, off late awakuwa very noisy kwa room yake na ma agemate wake.. especially niki...
  3. mchipy

    Comics Fan you may enjoy alot here
  4. mchipy

    Epson Printer seller anukishee kitunguu

    Wadua nani anauza Epson Printers.. Anukishee kituguu leo.. Nataka small printer ya job za hao na kuprint Photos anataka variety so i can choose..
  5. mchipy

    Where to adapt a child.

    Hi dudes ave a friend that is willing to adapt a child since he want to give back to the society since he was raised in a orphanage, Long story short he was chased by his mother after the father divorced on early 90's them, Now he is looking to adapt a son and raise him, reason being he is not...
  6. mchipy

    Samsung Note 4

    Wadua saidieni apa, for the last one month hii phone inakataa kuconnect na official WIFI ya job bt inashikaa wifi ya hao na pia ya next company yenye tunashare same compound, ave tried to turn off then on, it starts by scanning and instead of connecting inasema aty saved ,at times ina show...
  7. mchipy


    Can anybody tell the cons and pros of kencoin,
  8. mchipy

    Kumbe pia Plus Size wajua

  9. mchipy


    Wadua saidia i need Seven Thousand Ways to Listen novel to kill this vacation an link ya ebook will be appreciated, for matusi pia welcomed
  10. mchipy

    Yes, it’s this easy to buy a firearm in Nairobi slums..

    The increasing rate of crime in the country has been blamed on the high number of unlicenced guns held by civilians. Cases of robberies, carjackings and thefts in a number of towns are a common feature in the news. Most of the weapons used to commit these crimes are small arms, which are easy to...
  11. mchipy

    Super Fight Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight date set for August 26 on Wen Night

    Given McGregor's non-existent boxing experience and Mayweather's reputation as one of the finest fighters in history, many observers are already predicting a mismatch. Mayweather will reportedly be paid over 100 million US dollars for the contest, which will be broadcast on pay-per-view...
  12. mchipy

    Watu wa IT saidia apa..

    How do VPN work??
  13. mchipy

    kathima kata hoaga mai

    I have a 1/4 acre plot about 800 metres from Thika road, just behind Zetech University Ruiru. Surprisingly it has a spring that never dries out regardless of the time of the year. Right now as the drought bites, water is still flowing. My query is, Is sinking a borehole a noble idea or a well...
  14. mchipy

    timeless its worthy watching

    nimeingia job late juu ya TIMELESS, its worthy being late for job coz nili watch ady 4 asubuhi... rating naipea 8/10 download link:
  15. mchipy


    Any bright ideas on how to invest a 90,000/= 2016 Bonus I have received end of last year from my employer ?.
  16. mchipy

    Recommended Rates for Hire of Police for Private Use.

    Recommended Rates for Hire of Police for Private Use. (A) Armed officers for a period not exceeding eight hours but not less than four hours. POLICE OFFICERS RECOMMENDED RATES.(Ksh) Inspector (I.P) 187.50 Senior Sergeant (S/S.G.T) 150.00 Corporal (C.P.L) 125.00 Constable (P.C) 100.00 (B) For...
  17. mchipy

    Traffic Offences n Traffic Ponyi

    I was coming from shagz the other day at around 10pm night and was stopped by these traffic guyz at a roadblock near sigona on waiyaki way. One of them asked for Hazards and fire extinguisher,i was like 'Extinguisher?' the guy said anway it was not mandatory. Then he asked for my licence,He...
  18. mchipy

    asking for a friend

    Weed people. Does anyone know where I can score some good ganja in Nairobi? I need some (for friend), for research purposes, mind you. Have a happy new year. after research i will give feedback..
  19. mchipy

    wanyama wa kodi saidieni apa...

    how true is this.. For an even powerful and upgradable option get yourself a HP DC7900 ultra slim pc ,guys are selling them at 7000 on olx.Load it with linux or windows or even android x86.The pc has a displayport which is more superior than hdmi.Active displayport to HDMI converter will cost...
  20. mchipy

    Idea?? saidia

    Kindly there are many dividends cheques for some companies I suspect they were returned because of incorrect addresses on my account . Saidia mimi who can I talk to to help audit all the missing cheques eg coop,equity,centum,kenya-re, kcb? I talked to my broker but it's not very clear and I'm...