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    Explicit Now I know I'm not crazy! Never been!

    I can't believe this is Karigoh of spice fm.. woman is slutty af!
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    Looto insults Kikuyu elders and tycoons, calls them useless, stupid

    There is nothing like Kikuyu elders, if you know you know. Ni Kila mtu na tumbo yake. The common Kikuyu walking along the streets struggling to make ends meet, has no relation to the so called elders or tycoons. Come on!!, they don't even offer employment to their own kith and kin, but ikifika...
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    Enda kwa agrovet nunua some pestcide by the name Agita.
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    Nakuru Safcom poor internet,calls signals

    It because of the mass migration occasioned by the festivities. Whether it is 2nd gen, 3rd gen GSM or LTE, they all utilise Time Division multiplexing to allocate your call a slot to transmit and receive. In an occasion when many phones are crammed up in a cell, the local Base service Center...
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    They agreed to an about of court settlement, as reported by Citizen TV, with Babu clearing hospital bill totalling to 19 million and further commitment of 850,000 per month to the young DJ. However DCI was quick to interject that the 2nd count, which was misuse of firearm was against the state...
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    Extending Safaricom Internet Range

    Yeah it is pretty easy to set up. Just hook the second router to the safaricom router with an Ethernet cable < 100mtrs and set it to bridge mode.
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    SWVL - A revolution in the matatu sector is coming

    200/- from Ruiru bypass to CBD ?
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    Government to ban hot showers

    I fondly refer to them as suicide heads.
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    Government to ban hot showers

    Bare feet or not the trickling water will eventually ground the body. Unfortunately there is no known PPE for these gadgets.
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    Government to ban hot showers

    The worrying fact about these is that the shinda you are talking about, is instant death if it happens.
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    Popular Actor Jamal Stabbed

    If it is not working, people should just learn to walk away... pole so much to the family and friends.
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    Faiba giving 12Gb for a week free on birthday

    Yeah i got 12GB yesterday. Immediately after i topped with 300/- valid until 12th.
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    Good stuff.
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    TbT: Cartoons

    Inferiority complex........... or as i said, maybe, just maybe, am just paraniod..
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    TbT: Cartoons

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    TbT: Cartoons

    Why is everyone else white except the lady depicting the dog? Ama am just paranoid.
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    R.I.P Wanderi.

    Nostalgia i say.
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    Huyu msee anadai kukamua hii minji minji

    The question that we should be asking ourselves is; what does the law say, about weddings and the conditions that ought to be met by the couple, the witnesses and the officiating officer before a wedding happens. Are medical tests of whatever nature part of the conditions in law?