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    Bwana Radi (read: Randy) doing his thing

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    Samoei in anguish. Siasa za neighbours

    Jane Samoei, a single mother of two, from Kesses Constituency in Uasin Gishu county is crying for justice after her house was burnt down and property worth over Ksh5 million stolen. Speaking to K24 Digital, Samoei says it has been one month since the incident took place and no arrests have been...
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    Mwosho mmoja. (najua mtasema mshaona)

    The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives have arrested a suspected con who has been targeting Kenyans in the diaspora in fake medical supply tenders. The suspect, Mary Njoki Ng’ang’a alias Dr Susan, is said to be the mastermind of a group of fraudsters posing as dealers...
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    Ruto confesses to cold killings. His future is now bleak

    A man who was arrested by detectives one month ago for the brutal murder of a Nakuru-based businesswoman Veronica Kanini has led police in Nakuru to two other graves where he had buried other victims. The serial killer identified as Moses Kipchirchir Ruto, 34, on Monday, led the detectives to...
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    Okuyu Muache wizi buana

    A teenager who colluded with fraudsters to steal Sh17,100 from a Mpesa agent in Kibera will pay an Sh50,000 fine. In default, Randy Otieno, 19, will spend a year in jail. He was handed the penalty by principal magistrate Philip Mutua of Kibera law courts after pleading guilty to theft charges...
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    Solid reason to vote Bwana Ruto and avoid Layile

    Kenyans not to vote for Raila Odinga because he is stingy. The DP made the comments when addressing local leaders from Samburu at his official Karen residence while also reminding his audience how he has stood with them for the past five years. “You all remember when your church burnt down. I...
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    we are living in future

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    @Kijanahot in hot soup after Talkers flushed him out

    A third-year student at Kenyatta University has been charged with obtaining drinks and food worth Ksh189,000 from a city hotel by paying with fake Mpesa transaction codes for three days. Emmanuel Bwire who has been arraigned and charged at Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi is alleged to have...
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    What next?

    From Pentagon to CORD to NASA...sijui round hii card ni gani
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    Mutua manifesto wins the kenyan youths

    Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua on Sunday, December 5, unveiled a bag of goodies for newlyweds while launching his manifesto ahead of the 2022 General Election. Speaking while unveiling the Maendeleo Chap Chap party Manifesto 2022, Mutua promised Ksh500,000 to Ksh1 million to newlyweds. The...
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    What type of scam is this?

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    Sijawai tumia m-shwari but kuna mtu ananiambia inakuwaga poa ukiwekelea kwa locked account. I want to try by locking 10k for 6 moons nione vile itakuwa. Anyone with experience on this?
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    Honey Farming

    one bee gives you 1kg of honey. Make a beehive with 1million bees(they come free of charge). Thats 1M kgs of honey. Sell each Kg @500shs. thats a pure 500,000.00 Wee shinda hapo na mapoultry farming zako
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    Sijui nani atanifunza kucheeza hii kitu
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    Mitsubishi RVR/ASX

    Wadau hii machine iko aje? I don't like very big cars and I've been eyeing this car to be my next girl. Who has its experience? Currently have a mitsubishi colt plus na iko sawa so far- in short napenda mitsubishis
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    War in Yemen

    Wacha sisi tukae hapa Kenya na madeni zetu but at least nikikula masukuma zangu najiwekeleaga na kung'orota usiku mzima bila wasiwasi.
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    Sijui ninunue jimbuzi wapi. My friend is also looking for short tuko tayari kutajirisha mtu. Anywhere I can buy a he-goat area za Kirinyaga?
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    Mbuzi choma surprise

    For those who eat mbuzi choma from joints kama FineBreeze pale Kona off ngong road ama places kama kamakis knows how delicious those roasts are. Nilijaribu kuuliza hao majamaa huroast huwa wanafanya nini ziwe tamu hivo jamaa ananichocha tu wanaekaga tu kwa maji ya chumvi then wanachoma, which I...
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    Bei ya matumbo (tripe)

    Nani anaelewa bei ya matumbo kwa kichinjio? Quantities for a small eatery