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  1. Eavns

    Mgtow = Freedom RIP Kariuki

    Detectives are piecing together the last moments of Juja-based medic Joseph Kariuki who was killed two weeks ago. Kariuki, 26, a clinical officer was murdered on November 24 night inside his private medical clinic at Riuriro area in Theta ward, Juja Sub-county in what police believe was a case...
  2. Eavns

    Smartly Designed Carts.

    So I came across this guy advertising some unique designed carts for marketing purposes.initially I thot the carts were for sale so I inquired about the carts ( pic attached) .So this guy tells me that they brand the special carts with your company's products at a fee of ksh 15k per month then...
  3. Eavns

    Printer Machine

    Hey, guys, I’m looking for a good Quality printer for a small stationery shop with print, scan, copy and passport print functionalities I'm also in the look for a binding and a lamination machine kindly suggest where I can get the best and quality deals around Nairobi Any suggestions are...
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    Looking 4 Recommendations

    Hey talkers, Which particular malls in Eastleigh deal in selling men Leather shoes both official and casual wear? I am looking for recommendations will appreciate your inputs. Thanks
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    Original Laptop Battery

    Vipi wadau my ProBook battery imechapa ,I need another battery can one get an original battery locally ? Nimeuliza pale double Lee electionics wakaniambia ni 4500 but are non-committal on whether ni original or not .has anyone dealt with that guys and do they sell original parts ? Suggestions on...
  6. Eavns

    Condoms @270

    wadau while doing my online shopping pale chandarana nimeona condoms zinacost 270ksh na ni tatu peke yake kwani hizi condoms za chandarana ziko na nini ?soo tatu is alot of money
  7. Eavns

    kenyan bank cards accepted by Internationa vendors

    To those of you who do online shopping globally from Alibaba to amazon which Kenyan electronic bank cards are widely accepted by international Vendors? ama which payments methods do you guys use?
  8. Eavns

    Whatsapp plus

    Wale wa whatsapp plus jimods edition version 6.10 is out check it out hapa
  9. Eavns

    Lexus LX

    is it only me who have noted that the #LexusLx is becoming common on kenyan roads ,Talk of lanes ...
  10. Eavns

    Rip Nakumatt

    Nakumatt woes continues ...
  11. Eavns

    Craiglist Manenos

    hey talkers leo nimeboeka sana plus am also in dryspell mood so nikaingia pale craiglist kuona kama naweza pata mtu naweza nyandua unfortunately all the kungurus that are around there are asking for sijui "Token of appreciation" na mwezi bado haijaisha so nikaboeka.Then pale kwa m4w (men for...
  12. Eavns

    32' Led Display Tv Replacement

    hello guys does anyone know of a fundi within town who does display replacements for led,smart and digital TV's ? Kindly provide details am in need of one my 32 inch display broke .
  13. Eavns

    Interracial Dating

    so lemmie ask which is the best site for interracial dating? nataka kujaribu jungu sasa ama kunguru wa Eritrea ..recommedations are welcome .
  14. Eavns

    Salary range for Clerks Grade 3

    hello, talkers, does anyone in this forum know the salary rates or range for clerks who are in Grade 3 ? especially in public higher institutions of learning ....
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    which is the best Convenient and stable bank one can bank with here in kenya
  16. Eavns

    Low Cost Shipping From USA to Kenya

    Hello Family, anyone here knows of a low-cost shipping company that ships goods either in full Container Load (FCL)or Loose Container Load(LCL) from USA to Kenya. kindly recommend it to me or rather give me your suggestions.If there’s a previous thread on the same someone kindly refer or tag me...
  17. Eavns

    Business Ideas

    helloo guys someone give me a viable business idea that can fetch you some good returns. Been thinking about this and i haven't got a one yet i need your inputs friends.been thinking about the importation business but someone need to assist me to understand how i can import through the Eastleigh...