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  1. HeavyG

    No Good News in this damned country.....sindio?

    One day Kenyans will have enough and there will be a revolution to remove these neo coloniolists
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    Sugar Smuggling in Kenya and how Al shabaab and KDF benefit

    This Working Paper presents a case study of sugar smuggling along the trade corridor between Kismayu in Somalia and Nairobi in Kenya. The trading and smuggling of sugar in the Kenya–Somalia borderlands is a dangerous, lucrative, and highly political business. The paper explores the involvement...
  3. HeavyG

    Katiba Change 2020 Proposed Changes

    This cannot work we need a federal system of government to defuse the tensions of secession and bring development in all areas
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    Ifikie Uhuru

    Summary ni gava iache kuchunisha ma artists na actors wa Kenya Thukuma
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    Ifikie Uhuru

    Kwanza amfute huyo Echesa bure kabisa What was South Korea in the late 1970s? Say around 1979, during the first year of Daniel arap Moi’s presidency? It was a military state, run by a soon-to-be-assassinated autocratic leader, General Park Chung-hee, and still eight years away from becoming a...
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    18+ Lovely Hips, slender legs, Man's heaven!

    huyu ni land whale
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    Is G.o.K gonna ship them out ?

    Most likely they will not reveal the names