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    Asande sana, persil imetoa madoadoa millioni moja
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    Explicit Why I broke up with Kanini

    I think its normal ,most of the girls I've fucked complains abt the pain on the second round en the fore play is alwys on point ,after sm momemnts u start fuking again en they forget abt the pain
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    Sim card holder

    How is the phone kwa wale wametumia i saw some complains abt tha battery,inaeka moto 4 how long am plannin to buy it
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    Thank God for the Nduthi guy

    Kwani uyu single mother tena ako married ;);)
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    Morning conversation with ******* Kiaganu

    Kwani ******* inajua kupika chapo I thot inajua 2 cha mama na cha baba
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    dark massai Tales 4

    Hekaya iko on point more tales zikwom