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  1. Nyamgondho

    Carrier aggregation and why you shouldn't buy cheap xiaomis

    Carrier aggregation is a fantastic implementation of a concept. It gets your phone to connect to multiple bands at the same time to increase Internet speeds. For example a galaxy s20 phone can connect and merge bands, 3 band 5 and band 20 from safaricom so you that you get fast Internet. A...
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    I approve @Sopranos approach to old flagships

    Even a dead clock is right twice. But @Soprano has been right a lot more times. If you stick to an idea long enough it could turn to be true. Truth is instead of buying a Xiaomi phone or some Nokia you are better off buying a refurbished flagship from yester years with 4 years of assured...
  3. Nyamgondho

    Avoid radical phone chipset and hardware changes - Pixel 6

    Samsung is still struggling with launching its AMD mobile chipset 4 years down the line. Nokia promised heavily then dropped support and finally gave up on the Pureview. Microsoft imetoa ulimi kwa Surface duo. Even Samsung's first generation foldables had numerous flaws. Google is no...
  4. Nyamgondho

    Review Jabra Elite 7 Pros and why I won't be using them for a while - Woud Ombare

    I have been using these Jabra Elite 7 Pros that I recently bought for approx. 26K from Jabra. These are my fourth pair of Jabra earbuds. I haven't used other brands yet. The photo above shows the Jabra Elite Active 65T (Left) and the Jabra Elite 7 Pros (Right) just below my Google Home. First...
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    CES 2021 Samsung 2022 remote

    So samsung has launched a TV remote that charges off your router's radio waves. And you don't have to login into the wifi! I like this innovation coz I never seem to stock enough batteries. That's why this year I am replacing all small gadgets with those that have internal rechargeable...
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    I have been rocking a galaxy watch worth 30k for a while now. Trying to stay fit just like my friend @kijanamrefu advises. I am now in my 50s and I need to track my health regularly. But I feel bad keeping my Ksh 140, 000 (Sells for around 400k now) Jager leCoutre (pronounced jaja le kut) in my...
  7. Nyamgondho

    Xiaomi 12

    Finally Xiaomi has started making light compact flagship devices like this Xiaomi 12... It isn't too heavy at 180 grams. It's unfortunate that MIUI 13 will be full of bugs and its update to MIUI 14 will be as problematic AF. This will be a good device considering It runs on the snapdragon 8 gen...
  8. Nyamgondho

    Redmi 7

    So today Xiaomi Launched the Redmi 7 which will be priced at $105. It's a mediocre device at best and is far worse than the Redmi note 5. Anyway, the reason I have put this up is not to celebrate a mediocre device but to castigate fuckers like @tall mnyama everywhere and @Deez Nuts among others...
  9. Nyamgondho

    Sometimes mutu hufikiria

    Yesterday, went to some local which happens to be some common club for mido-class guys and ordered some whisky as I listened to old-school hip hop. I chose to sit next to some dudes to avoid kungurus and just relax.. Lakini in after 30 mins those guys were joined by some kungurus wakaongeza viti...
  10. Nyamgondho

    World Affairs have now dominated our news section. Attn: All mods/Admin

    It's absolutely shameful that world-news especially those relating to the UK and US have dominated our news section for the last few months. I sympathize with any Kenyan living in the Diaspora who logs-in to this site hoping to find some local news only to be greeted by news of their domiciled...
  11. Nyamgondho

    Very-old liquor

    Just an enquiry. Anyone who has had a 50-200 year old liquor? I haven't and would like to order one for a special occasion (If affordable). Preferably a very-old whisky or port (fortified wine) but whisky is preferable. Looked around na sipati. Kama unajua mahali niambie. something like this...
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    Yesterday had some time to visit my favourite watch store hapo Kimathi to get the silver band on my Jaeger-LeCoultre polished as well as get a 37mm sapphire crystal glass replacement for my Parnis. Hapo kwa store met this old guy seemingly washed up but he had a Seiko Alpinist (leather band)...
  13. Nyamgondho

    Unfair deletion of posts

    @admin and mods here, I can't comprehend why you have been deleting my posts all day whilst retaining similar posts (that in my opinion are far worse) from other talkers. I accept that my language/choice of words is sometimes colourful, but in turn, I do provide deep perspectives and insights...
  14. Nyamgondho

    A third of Kenyan children are involved in prostitution

    Easy peasy just pay some prostitutes in Kibera na hapo Kenya Cinema then head to coasto and make yourself a documentary on prostitution to shock the world. Came across this while forrowing a rink by @0%_Omera Didn't bother to check hope this wasn't posted before
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    WIKIPEDIA Nyamgondho son of Ombare was a very poor man who earned a living by fishing on Lake Victoria. Generally speaking, Nyamgondho’s life as a young man was very miserable. He barely had anything to eat or clothes to wear, and, every...