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  1. Shamsudin

    Mitsubishi Pajero Mini

    I have noted that most expatriates in the few organisations I have worked in really like this vehicle. Had it been American or European it would have been my guess it had to do with the grants and funding from external donors (may not make sense to some). So my question is - what's your...
  2. Shamsudin

    Sydney HSBC Rugby series

    Game 1 Kenya beaten by Canada Game 2 happening now, we're trailing by 3 Tries
  3. Shamsudin

    Car key programming

    Wadau, any leads on a reliable place or centre to purchase, cut and program car keys? I need a programmed spare key for my zoom zoom. Thanks
  4. Shamsudin

    Burger King - work hard, whopper harder

    Lately, I have found myself so into this joint. Kuna moja pale Karen na TRM as well and I can say the taste is worth it. On the menu below, what burger types have you tried out already and what would you recommend to fellow talkers? Cinnamon, well done does it for me and is a must sample...
  5. Shamsudin

    Buju Banton free at last

    Mark Anthony Myrie has finally been released from incarceration after serving seven years for intent to distribute cocaine kule Kwa uncle Sam. On that note, share your favorite hits from this guy. Yangu ni; get a beating, destiny, hills and valleys, na deportees. @Meria Mata wekea wadau...
  6. Shamsudin

    a revenge story on a current MCA

    Anyone who has been a JAB fresher-man knows in your first year for those seeking accommodation provided by the academic institution – you have no control over who becomes you roommate since allocations are made haphazardly. So the year was 2007. We reported to KU and I was lucky enough to get a...
  7. Shamsudin

    Very ngori accident in South Sudan - for those with steel cojones only

    I have no idea when this was (reports have it as yesterday), but oh boy - this was a very ngori accident. What surprises me is that some folks hapo wanakula tu staring at corpses - but perhaps they've seen it all to the extent it's just another day occurrence.
  8. Shamsudin

    A Corinthian experience

    Pale mashinani, our neighborhood is comprised of people who all have an origin in Limuru/Tigoni. By this I mean all our grandfathers grew up in Limuru. Brief history - my grandfather being a businessman traveled down Rift valley and liked the place. He informed all his allies of the new place...
  9. Shamsudin


    One key escapade I can recall in my younger years was a day that may have perhaps marked the onset of my adolescence. Story. I started attending a boarding school at a very tender age. To be precise class 3. In our school we had both day scholars and boarders but given the challenges that came...
  10. Shamsudin

    Violence so high, can't even afford a dishonest living anymore

    So this guy drives to a drug store where he'd planned to steal from. Once done, he leaves the store - a surprise awaited him. He's car had been stolen. Astonished a d shocked the guy looks confused not sure what to make of it. Before he has time to make his next move, someone comes and robs his...
  11. Shamsudin

    Car insurance

    What company is you cars' insurance provider? And why did you opt for your current? Any sad stories for liability gone bad etc. Asandeni sana
  12. Shamsudin

    @panyaste Kam kiasi, I just found your match

    Kila mtu akumbe size yake :D:D:D
  13. Shamsudin

    f**k osungu.dll

    This goes out to all those .dll obsessed folks. SI at hatupendi kukosoleea, but learn to excuse typos and brevity.
  14. Shamsudin

    Is genuine low vehicle mileage for ex-Japan vehicles a myth?

    I have recently been doing vast research on my first buy, both imports available locally and those overseas. While at it, I have come across very nice cars in terms of their general look on matters interior and exterior. For the vehicles available locally, I have been requesting for a copy of...
  15. Shamsudin

    Son: "Daddy, let's go get some head"

    There's a video (attached) doing rounds pale whatsapp where a kiddo overheard a conversation between his dad and his buddies. The kids seems to act all innocent, but appears to know exactly what he's talking about. This shows how poor with the surrounding the parents of today are or perhaps the...
  16. Shamsudin

    Nissan Note, CVT gear box issues

    The vehicle started with slight delays after the reverse gear has been engaged. This later progressed to the vehicle jerking after the slight sluggishness in response. However, once engaged all is well and the vehicle performs just fine. On checking this with the mech, his recommendation was...
  17. Shamsudin

    durex condom recall, are we really safe?

    Wadau, habari ndio hiyo. Kwa @Wakanyama aka wakameat batallion am sure this doesn't affect you whatsoever. kama uliona, ni sawa tu
  18. Shamsudin

    recommend tablets for work

    Hi folks, I am in need of some tablets for a work exercise. The tablets I would like should be 'portable' - the user will be using it for field work so it should be comfy on their palms i.e. not so big batter level - the battery should perhaps be able to last the whole day of normal usage -...
  19. Shamsudin

    Subaru Trezia

    "The name Trezia is obtained from the English Language word “treasure”.The car is equipped with 1.5-liter 1NZ-FE or a 1.3-liter 1NR-FE engines, combined with an automatic continuously variable transmission. The front-wheel drive is available as the entry-level layout for both engines whereas on...
  20. Shamsudin

    pewa lolo hadi uskie fiti

    raundi hii hakuna cha mama na baba hakuna cha kalongolongo hamta lamba pekee tunawapa yote kama package .....these kids are rotten