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    America's 1st black billionaire calls for 14 trillion dollar reparations

    America will have to do a MAJOR systemic change in order to dismantle racism. A lot of this work is economic. We need 14 trillion dollars invested to Black Americans in a generation. If America could rebuilt after the civil war, rebuild Europe after WW2, rebuild Japan, South Korea etc.....we can...
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    Are Kenyans just delusional?

    Is seems that Kenyans have all the advice for Black Americans to fight centuries old oppression lakini your fellow Kenyans have had a foot on your necks since 1963 and you haven't been able to do ANYTHING...... Kenyan politicians: they oppress you Religious leaders: they oppress you Police...
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    Is UBI our only chance to end poverty in Kenya for good?

    AI and automation is going to wipe out so many jobs after Covid. Things were already bad before but for the average Kenyan (African) things will get much worse. Assumption: Most Kenyans are by default barred from participating in the global economy. At best your average Kenyan is a CONSUMER...
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    What is considered a good salary for a young professional in Kenya?

    I won't pretend to know much about the day to day Kenyan experience but I've been interested in learning more and hopefully even moving back to start a biz one day. I'm not sure if there is a Kenyan equivalent of yuppies but I'm curious .... what is generally considered to be a good (realistic)...
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    Kenyan (Bantu) DNA test results

    Has anyone here taken a DNA test? I got my 23 and me results and I was somewhat surprised. I'm Kenyan Bantu (Kamba) so I expected a majority west African ancestry. 23 and me classifies Bantus as west African because that's our region of origin but over time many other groups have been absorbed...

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