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    Afghan refugees in town

    lakini pia wewe umejuaje ni Afghanis? walikuonyesha ID ama?
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    Art Of Kris Kuksi

    as a person who can barely draw a square, mi hushindwa, artist akitengeneza art, anakuanga nayo kwa kichwa already ama he creates as he goes?
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    A ferked up continent

    There are SOP for uncontrolled airspace - Pilots know about these and can use radio to communicate with other aircraft on the ground or in the air
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    Evergrande - China's largest real estate developer in trouble

    their expenses are more than their income
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    kuhang blanketi kwa ukuta pia ni sound proofing
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    How Can You Pretend to Know Better than a Medical Worker

    what's wrong with him posting this? he is posting about something he read on the newspaper?
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    Hapa kuna home networking enthusiasts?

    yea, ziko na flexibility poa sana and allows you to make customizations like in a corp network
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    Man cave manenos: making pork and ugali lunch

    punguza mafuta(cooking oil) next time bwana, roho yako itakushukuru in a few years
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    Osha mesho kienyeji edishen

    enzi zake alikua kienyeji, sa hii amepewa feed
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    Hapa kuna home networking enthusiasts?

    Hii ndio set up niko nayo
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    Is an M16 really Better than the AK?

    we ulifika form 4 ebu changia topic tuskie, mi nilifika std 7
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    Is an M16 really Better than the AK?

    risasi ikikupata you wont want to know if it was an M16 and AK
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    Engineers Kujeni

    The thing is, you have to control erosion to maintain integrity of the bitumen and tarmac. The bitumen itself will not allow water to seep through, lakini rain water on the side will erode the soil and then bitumen will crumble with weight. The edges of the road should never be soil like it is...
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    Hapa kuna home networking enthusiasts?

    Very Nice, nimetumia hio TP-Link Archer Router, very nice WiFi and has so much access to different settings to manage your network.
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    Hapa kuna home networking enthusiasts?

    Pia hio ni set up mtu wangu :D:D
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    Hapa kuna home networking enthusiasts?

    Share your set up
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    People Are Sharing The Most Disappointing And Over-Hyped Tourist Attractions Around The World

    mimi kama sufferer singeenda huku anyway, but thanks, now i know not to go
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    100% Niko Chonjo kapsaaaaa

    uko sawa for now, have to wait 3 more months bila kutumbukiza ndio ujue ka uko chonjo.
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    Anaesthesia ( relatation to the story of the french footballer Jean Pierre Adams )

    If you have been in a room when a c section is being performed, you know the importance of having an anesthesiologist. The dude just sits there until the procedure is done. He takes no other part in delivering the child, just monitors. Same thing with epidural. Only specialists can administer
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    Question for elders and car enthusiasts

    kila mtu kwa barabara ni mwenda, you are the only sane driver. Ukikua na hio mentality(basically defensive driving) , you can avoid many accidents from the front and sides

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