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  1. Makamuzi

    BBI Resurrection

  2. Makamuzi

    "US Senate overwhelmingly passes anti-black hate crimes bill by a vote of 94-1"

    If only you were taken seriously by those you support :D...
  3. Makamuzi

    Bank/CDS accounts for Kenyans in diaspora

    Has anyone who is living outside Kenya opened a bank account while away from home? Which bank and why? Kama ulifungua CDS account and started buying shares pia let maoni. I want to open an account that has good rates for diaspora clients. If there is a related thread, tafadhali weka link.
  4. Makamuzi

    Joe Kadenge: the curtain falls

  5. Makamuzi

    Building social media profile

    How does one go about building a good social media profile on Twitter and LinkedIn (sitaki Instagram na FB)? Are there consultants who can facilitate the process?
  6. Makamuzi

    Rhodri Giggs' Ad

    The Paddy Power ad by Rhodri Giggs is the stuff of genius... legendary if you may. Before you ask why I am posting about an ad by a betting company in the 'sex and relationships' section, review the story behind it
  7. Makamuzi

    And slay queens' demands just went up

    With the introduction of the new Apple Credit Card, wale wasichana huongea Swanglish in Nairobi wamepata something else to stroke their deflated egos. Sponsors' bill will also include:
  8. Makamuzi

    There is no reason to hit a woman

    Hapa wadau mnasemaje?
  9. Makamuzi

    Subtle LGBTQ Agenda in Kenya

    I saw Kenyans wakijipiga kifua vile they will not legalize homosexuality, yet what they don't know is that the software changes are being conducted polepole. Kuna hii song Chukua Selfie by various artists. The colors of the umbrella used ni zile za LGBTQ community; I can assure you this was not...
  10. Makamuzi

    Single mothers have the last laugh

    Justice Jesse Njagi has declared that “Parental responsibility is automatic and self-activating on parents upon the birth of a child and fathers cannot have discretion of either rejecting or accepting that responsibility." Neither will unemployment be accepted as a reason to abjudicate one's...
  11. Makamuzi

    Another 'MeeToo' Casualty: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

    Hii 'MeeToo' itamaliza wanaume. In this article, the reporter has openly indicated what we have known all through as the philosophy behind this 'MeeToo' movement. She writes and I quote "the truth is that, in all likelihood, most men - if not all men - have engaged in behavior that was...

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