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  1. Billy Drago

    Amina mohameds hubby kaput!.

  2. Billy Drago

    Old age

    This is how I'd like to spend the last years of my life on this earth. Imagine being wealthy and very lonely at 92 years. MGTOW shauri lenu.
  3. Billy Drago

    Happy mothers day

    Most of us here were born, alpha male status came later due to different personal reasons. I take this rare chance to wish all mothers here @Purple ,@Finest wine , @Freyja among others a peaceful day. Enjoy and feel special.
  4. Billy Drago


    Kwenye pilkapilka zangu mashambani, I was surprised to learn that Ostriches, gazelles, wildebeests etc feed and live in the same environment with people. Mkikaribiana zinakusongea upite na maisha inaendelea mbele Livestock graze on one side while the wild animals do the same on the other side...
  5. Billy Drago


    I know this is second hand video but I am touched. Hata tujifanye Alpha males with metal heart, love EXISTS. Can any volunteer shiny eye translate this message pls.
  6. Billy Drago

    Bunny Wailer dies at 73 yrs.

    Sad news for reggae fans
  7. Billy Drago


    Very cool jazz instrumentals presented by Gido Kibukosya on KBC English service now. I just did a blind stations search and stumbled on it. It blends well with smooth wine at the balcony on this windy night while meditating. Enjoy your evening.
  8. Billy Drago

    It's beautiful in the wild

    A weekend well spent blending with nature deep in the wild. Amazing wildebeests, ostriches, giraffes, antelopes etc in our beautiful country.
  9. Billy Drago

    To those who can re budget todays cash for lanyes to betting.

    Wolves vs spurs GG despite + 2 odds. Good luck.
  10. Billy Drago


    If this is true, immediate action should be taken. I didn't realize I've negatively graduated this far. Wadau take care.
  11. Billy Drago

    Kim Jong un in a coma

    Reports emerging from various sources indicate that the north Korean supreme leader is in a coma . I suspect this man died in April but due the secretive nature of that hermit kingdom, they chose to keep it under the carpet while preparing his sister to take over.
  12. Billy Drago

    Effects of corona to school kids.

    Corona has made our school going kids very idle.Busy parents and guardians are going through hell. Kumbe walimu hufanya kazi.
  13. Billy Drago

    Ajali ya ndege maeneo ya meru

    Let's wait for a detailed report
  14. Billy Drago

    Do you have an idle land in mashinani?

    An acre of land can accommodate 4000 seedlings of blue gum/Eucalyptus. Cost of seedling - @5 x4000 =20,000/= Digging holes+planting @10 x4000 =40,000 /= Manure 1 tn +transport =3,000/= 6 weedings before the plants forms enough canopy to suppress the weeds I. e 6x2,000=12,000/= 3 prunings...
  15. Billy Drago

    IRANIAN MP Dies of Corona.

    It seems the same can happen to one of our mighty Waheshimiwas, then spread to others. Too risky.
  16. Billy Drago

    So far WSR presence not recognized at nyayo stadium

    Uhuru, 1st lady, museveni, Kagame, Kirr etc presence has been recognized severally but WSR kaput. Even Raymond did not acknowledge his presence. I wonder what would happen if WSR becomes kenyas nxt president,

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