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    Russia ditches NASA For Chinaman.

    The heads of the Chinese and Russian space agencies signed an agreement on Tuesday to work together to build a "scientific" station on the Moon. Under terms of a memorandum of understanding, the two countries will cooperate on creation of an "International Lunar Science Station" and plan to...
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    Saudi barbarians starving Yemenis.

    :D:D:D How do you even simp for Americans and their allies? I kiff up. @T.Vercetti Long live Xi and Putin.
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    Mystery shrouds the whereabouts of Chinese billionaire Jack Ma after reports emerged that he has not made a public appearance in more than two months. The founder of tech giant Alibaba also failed to appear as scheduled in the final episode of his own talent show, Africa’s Business Heroes...
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    Blood is thicker than water

    More than 100 veteran engineers and managers from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC), the world's leading chipmaker, have been hired by two Chinese chip companies since last year, the Nikkei Asian Review reported on Wednesday. The report cited sources as saying that the hirings are...
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    Where can I get the pirated version of this software?
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    Ota Benga 2.0: She is not racist!

    Why do we still allow adoption of African kids by American white saviors? Theron is cross dressing her adopted son. There are pics with the kid in bikini! If this kid does not turn out to be g** or trans in "her" teens, "she" will be bullied. Hapa naona suicide loading if "she" doesn't turn...
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    Pax Sinica

    Hong Kong is China. @T.Vercetti :D:D:D
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    The one and only Jeffrey Epstein. He had it all:- The knowledge(A mathematician-cum-Quant). The money(A billionaire financier). The Women(Constant supply of nubiles, forever 21). The looks (He didn't hit the wall). A God among us mere mortals. He committed suicide in his late 60's.A true...
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    Beta male sloppy seconds

    Y'all remember K-lynn, that hot 'crazy over you' singer from Tz, she married a billionaire. Mengi had his sloppy seconds then passed away leaving K-lynn all his wealth. Alpha fucks beta bucks for all to see. Osheni mecho.
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    Beta males tueshimiane banae

    Keeping up with pu**y imeoza ni tafash banae.No wonder betas are here spewing all kind of shit towards us alpha males esp during this quarantine period cause it's confirming to them hoe ass niggas what we've been telling them. Your land whale's pu**y is fungi infested. Deal with it. As for SJ...
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    Nimenoki Nimenoki my best friend

    There was this kenyan singer by the name Mimmo back in 2008-2010s alendanga wapi?? Those in the know tuosheni macho...She was a black beauty...
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    Moaning glory

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    Kibe na Oliver Mathenge wamesalimiana.:D:D:D:p
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    Doncic anauwa nyoka

    Dude may end this season with a 30+ point triple double.Jana he went for 31points 12 rebs 15 assists at 20yrs.Insane.
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    Hey there Ktalk billionaires am looking for internship opportunities in engineering or any other related field i.e computer technology... Just graduated in electrical and electronics eng....Post them links here I know you guys can help me out.

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