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    18+ then this....

  2. fisi fc

    Kenyan bonobos live in the big cities-facts

    As stated above, all the bonobos from shags are in the cities living in slums.
  3. fisi fc

    Tutakufinya- Kiambaa youths to Uhuru

    What exactly have they done to improve their govt has been overthrown.
  4. fisi fc

    Tutakufinya- Kiambaa youths to Uhuru

    Peasants thinking they have any say over owners of capital is comical.
  5. fisi fc


    It takes the IMF to get rid of the obvious redundancies in govt institutions...bonobo republic indeed.
  6. fisi fc

    Kunguru in hot water after sponsor kukufa

    Please find a stock spec and post it.
  7. fisi fc

    Kunguru in hot water after sponsor kukufa

    No association.
  8. fisi fc

    Kunguru in hot water after sponsor kukufa

    A Prado doesn't have a v8 engine. Goes to show how much the average Kenyan knows about cars.
  9. fisi fc

    Tinder Ass

    Get ready to wake up in an empty house:D
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    Torrents is what you are looking for. I use uTorrent to access the tutorial videos.
  11. fisi fc

    Learning Python

    Corey Schafer Youtube
  12. fisi fc

    Francis Atwoli Rd sign on fire!!!!

    Let them protest in any way they can. When Kenyans don't take to the streets you complain, when they take action you still complain....what do you guys want?
  13. fisi fc

    Dicktamized Maureen Mung'ohe Musungu Alive....

    It will complicate her future dowry negotiations if it comes out:D:D
  14. fisi fc

    I know my worth

    How would you know as a man?:D
  15. fisi fc

    Upussy wa ma-liar

    Women will always shamelessly charge above their value. 5/10s and fat women have been told by society they are they are equal to 9/10s.
  16. fisi fc

    Intergenerational wealth transfer QUESTION

    Govt Bonds is the way to go.
  17. fisi fc

    Kenyans Send "Sensational Comedian" Elsa Majimbo Into Self Imposed Exile...

    She's funded by the lgbtq community.
  18. fisi fc

    French mzungu gets a lovely massage from Muslim immigrants.

    When the police raid their neighborhoods filled with thugs they cry foul. The north African's in Europe are criminals especially Moroccans.
  19. fisi fc

    How To Mine Bitcoins: A Comprehensive Guide

    Mining bitcoin has been taken over by large scale miners, making it impossible for individuals to make a decent profit. Graphic cards alone are ksh 200k+ and electrical costs are growing every year.

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