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  1. Malataxe

    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    Maybe I will also try cryptos. My curiosity towards them grows for obvious reasons, but in most cases I would prefer currencies.
  2. Malataxe

    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    I think that we don’t need technical indicators to trade cryptos. They are very promising to tumble now. I think that the only only possible positions in crypto trading now are long trades.
  3. Malataxe

    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    In case you trade volatile instruments, like Brent, EUR/USD or Japanese yen, you won't be happy with trailing stop loss as it will significantly limit you earnings at olymp trade forex platform. You see, the price rarely moves without any retracements. If you trail your stop, you will...
  4. Malataxe

    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    As far as I understood, it matters if the market is thin or not if your profit target is hit very precisely and the price odes not move any further. If there are not enough counterorders at that precise price, there are less chances to get filled with your TP. Such a situation is very unlikely...
  5. Malataxe

    Archaeologists in Pompeii discover ancient ′snack bar ...

    This proves once again that history moves in a spiral - and what went before is repeating itself now. I think everyone has heard or read about how scientists find things that were used many years ago and they really look like some modern technology, tools, products, etc. And this find serves as...
  6. Malataxe

    Is this the bravest Kenyan youtuber?

    On the one hand, such things look unjustifiably extreme and even dangerous, on the other hand, I understand that such people simply need excitement and such emotions, they simply cannot live differently. Of course, many condemn this because it could be potentially life-threatening. But you can...
  7. Malataxe

    Controlled Opposition – The Hidden Hand of Misdirection

    I am convinced that we actually misunderstand a huge number of events, and see only what we need to see. And in fact, this is a big problem and this is probably why we do not always understand what will happen on the market in the near future and we cannot always analyze the events that are...
  8. Malataxe

    Explicit Rungu wash nakuru

    Allow me to give you a piece of advice, friend. Umalaya in kitu hatari sanaa katika maisha ya mwanadmu. Ningependa nikiuambie yakwamba, inafaa tuachane na umalaya sababu ni dhambi. I will never encourage you to continue in such wickedness. Si ume wacha bibi nyumbani. Why do you look for diseases...
  9. Malataxe

    The Male Identified Woman

    Things to do with marriage are sometimes cahllenging. It is a challenge to everyone. Surely you should only allow someone to marry you out of love.Marriage is never easy as somepeople count it. It is the most tricky part of life. The participants must be compatible for the marrriage to be...
  10. Malataxe

    I keep telling you : Corona is fake news

    You can never say that corona virus is fake. Rafiki, usidanganywe, hii corona virus is a curse from God because of the abominations that have creaped in, into the verious places of worship. There are several people that have succumbed to this disease and there are threats in various places and...
  11. Malataxe

    Chasing Heroine

    Surely such drugs that alter the normal functioning of the body should never be used at all in the body. This is because, they may cause smoe serious complications of the body organs. I have realised that the youths are using this drug seriously. I am shocked that the learned are also using it...
  12. Malataxe

    Zooming Earth out

    It is said that we are sojouners on this univers and life is like a drama. You come, play your part and exist paving way for the new generation. I have been asking myself several tough tough questions that their answers are known thiugh very complicated. For example, now that I am on the stage...
  13. Malataxe

    Online writing

    Online writing is the best business adventure that someone may focus on especially, during this pandemic. It is true that there are no jobs due to the closure of different organisations and companies. I am here to tell you that the little jobs that are around are struggled for by the people...
  14. Malataxe

    I tested positive. This thing is real

    I would like to tell you that corona virus is real and it is threatening to shut down the whole world if we human beings are not careful. Some people say that, the corvid 19 is just away of making money by the government, but that is not the case. It is just because they have not tested...
  15. Malataxe

    Kenyans are more stupid than retards in an asylum

    I am here to prove you wrong that not all Kenyans are stupid. There are so many Kenyans who are very wise but their wisdom may not help because the people in power may not allow them to express their views. According to me, I believe that most Kenyans are very wise but most people in power are...
  16. Malataxe

    Those who paid fees for a full year mnasikiaje?

    Some parents and students paid all the school fees for the second term. I think they have realy learnt a lession; they now understand why the school fees sometimes it is better to pay it in bits. It is really painful to the people who paid all the school fees because no institution will refund...
  17. Malataxe

    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    I feel confident in my demo account, but I lose my confidence in real trading. If the first few deals still make sense, the 5+ deal is :eek:
  18. Malataxe

    Police looking for man who burnt daughter's private parts

    This is very shocking news, as a father, such things should never be heard. In fact that father is underating himself. If I may ask, was he sober when she was doing such shameful act? Sometimes, the parents should give sound punishments to their kids. So what was wrong with her daughter's...
  19. Malataxe

    Male nurse who impregnated a woman in a coma for 14 years had made her give birth before without knowledge of the nursing home

    This is unthinkable, I think some nurses got the job via the back door. They dont even have sympathy on the patients they treat. If a nurse can gather courage and impregnat a woman at a coma, then you can agree with me that such nurses are not fit for that job. Such people should be working in...
  20. Malataxe

    Kimmy Kardashian divorcing Kanye West?

    I was not interested in the us elections after Obama became the presidnet and had his turn. That was untill I heard that Kanye was vying for presidnecy. Things have got really interesting and I am going to follow then untill them untill the end. We all know that the there is not evidence to...

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