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  1. loverboy

    Schools or Bars

    Opening of schools before bars means that the Government respects children more than the elders.. wakati wa kura watafute hao watoto wawapigie Kura.
  2. loverboy

    WSR vs Moi family !

    A test of water for the second time . Will hustler be welcomed by Moi family to Mourn Jonathan ?
  3. loverboy

    MSIM osungu dll

    Ambia mkamba aseme ' practice makes perfect' utaskia maajabu "Plastic makes buckets."
  4. loverboy

    Date Rape

    Hebu leteni masikio pande hii yu ladies/girls. Borrowed Kanze Dena GIRLS/LADIES/WOMEN PLEASE BE WARNED. VERY IMPORTANT. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE!!!!!!! Please pay close attention to what you are about to read. The use of 'ROHYPNOL' to commit crime: - A woman was taken by 5 men, who according to...
  5. loverboy

    Waiguru Vs Duale

    Nothing lasts forever.
  6. loverboy

    Man O Man! Man O Man!

    Man O Man! When without money, eats vegetables at home; When has money, eats the same vegetables in a fine restaurant. When without money, rides bicycle; When has money rides the same ‘exercise machine’. When without money walks to earn food When has money, walks to burn fat; Man O Man! Never...
  7. loverboy

    applying maths in real life

    And all this time I thought I would never apply this.
  8. loverboy

    Wakanyama partners with Nakumatt

    Wakanyama inspired Nakummat to introduce mutura in their butcheries but gave them the wrong idea . . . Here is a brief description of what mutura and its environs entails: 1. inafaa kuchomwa na makaa kwa jiko haina moto vizuri not gas cooker. 2. The buyer is not supposed to know which animal...
  9. loverboy

    team Mafisi

  10. loverboy

    Dear men…

    Dear men… A woman who is not willing to cost share life with her husband in the name of a man should provide, is nothing more than a marital prostitute pretending to be a wife. Men, beware so much of such women who insist men should be the sole providers in the family, or a woman who just saves...
  11. loverboy

    MOney and Freinds

    I had my money and my friend I gave my money to my friend I asked my money from my friend I lost my money and my friend
  12. loverboy


    Mwai kibaki on a date with Lucy muthoni in 1962 at the princess hotel along the now Tom mboya street. Kibaki was 29 years old here.
  13. loverboy

    Kevin Carter the Photographer

    A tear drops down my cheek every time I read the sad story of this little child. The year is 1993 and famine is hitting hard the horn of Africa. In South Sudan, the vulture is waiting for the child to die and eat. This picture shocked the whole world. No one knows what happened to the child...
  14. loverboy

    Serious mathematicians

  15. loverboy

    If anyone knows Albert.

    Hii Nugu inasema aje ? Kwani women are disabled? Scratch that; even disabled pple fend for themselves!
  16. loverboy

    Lessons learnt from # ParisAttack

    • Kenyan Journalism – Am yet to see mutilated bodies and casualties of the terrorism in the print press, online platforms and TVs? • Kenyan Security – France response to the terrorism act was instant! Almost impulsive. • Kenyan opposition – Am yet to see France opposition issuing negative...
  17. loverboy

    warning from team mafisi to pink handles

    ctrl c....ctrl v Over the weekend, I went to do some little shopping to push me through the week, you know normally I don’t do monthly shopping like most do. I am one of those people who think the world might end any day, and there is no need to leave anything here only to benefit satan..asha...
  18. loverboy


    President of Russia one of world's most powerful nations fueling his 1300cc vehicle. Hapa Kenya MCA wanaingia kama wameboycott waongezewe mshahara wanunue Range Rover. 3rd world country mentality is self centred and not considerate of future generations.... In India a train wreckage will force...
  19. loverboy

    Why MWK is better than a Wife.

    1. You are in the middle of a stressful day at work, Mpango wa kando will surprise you with a message,“Hello sweety,I miss you”. Your wife will send you a message, “You did not leave money for charcoal,unafikiri tutapika na nini!!” 2. You are home late due to traffic jam and any other very...
  20. loverboy

    Congratulations brilliant job!!! Maina Kageni

    1.When Fidel Odinga passed on the UhuRuto government gave his family 10 Million Kenya shillings. 2. When El nino scandal was created, UhuRuto government set a side 15 Billion shillings. 3. I don't want to mention anything about NYS nor the overseas trips by joy riders. 4. It turns out that KNH...

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