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  1. Nyadist

    Hackers sent me an email

    So today, i go through my spam folder and get a Red flag message.. i dint click on the link within but read through it.. these guys hackers.. sent me one of the numerous random passwords i use for bullshiet sites i create accounts on. They had instructions to send 2000usd in BTC to some address...
  2. Nyadist

    Poyoloko Captured in Danguro

    Operation on going.
  3. Nyadist

    18R Chakula ya Elders.

  4. Nyadist

    Good Conduct Question

    If one was a suspect and had his or her fingerprints taken and a case taken to court but dismissed, will the case be part of his police record, that is will it be included in the offenses and result of trial part of good conduct certificate.
  5. Nyadist

    Value of semen.

    My fellow mbirrionaires! The vital energy, the Veerya that supports your life, which is the Prana of Pranas, which shines in your sparkling eyes, which beams in your shining cheeks, is a great treasure for you. Remember this point well. Veerya is the quintessence of blood. One drop of semen is...
  6. Nyadist

    There goes the neighbourhood!

    I settled in one of these upcoming estates that have flats, quite a drive from city Square, peace and quite and lots of fresh air, until lately. Seems there is a big movement of people to my local area and thus as i have observed, changes!. my landlord not wanting to be left out in the boom has...
  7. Nyadist

    DCI Kiambu + Cyber = Kitunguu

    So i went earlier in the day to get my annual police clearance cert, i had printed the required form, both the finger prints form and invoices, one thing though, i printed my invoice before booking the date for appointment, kufika DCI rat police hapo entrance insists i wont be given service if...
  8. Nyadist

    Channel O TBT

  9. Nyadist

    BingwaScot Spotted

    Bingwaz Nutz
  10. Nyadist

    Creative Minds

  11. Nyadist

    Lichotis Hacienda in Kach

    Fake it till you make it my ninjaz.
  12. Nyadist

    90s Dance Tracks TBT

  13. Nyadist

    Rock Ballads TBT

  14. Nyadist

    Hype Williams TBT 90s vids

    Way back when music videos had substance... not just females shaking azz.
  15. Nyadist

    Ragga 90s TBT

  16. Nyadist

    Relocating a business

    I would like to get input on the above, can a business that has ample walk in customers plus the loyal ones survive if location is changed. I have got a bigger space that can accommodate my inventory plus fits in my expansion strategy. But I have cold feet. Any person with experience.. how was...
  17. Nyadist

    Masaibu ya lockdown.

    Fellow mbirrionaires, two weeks back,this female I am stuck with due to lockdown, sunk her teeth and scratched me on my arm when we had a scuffle over the time I spend on my phone.. I run a couple of e ventures that require I keep tab constantly via the internet on orders and shiet..she works in...
  18. Nyadist

    Shimo ya ajab'

    This beautiful, turquoise blue water is actually the source of the mighty Cetina River – one of the most popular natural sites in Dalmatia, Croatia. ⁠With its crystal clear water and depth of more than 150 meters (490 feet), it is popular with sightseers and divers alike.⁠ Would you like to...
  19. Nyadist

    KBC English Service Appreciation

    Niko shags and being in my pops house,.. Mzee ni KBC English service and Voice of America Radio damu... bein listening to English service the whole morning.. me thinks this station has the best library of olskool music.. their library is extensive. Management wise... pshhhh.. they should have...
  20. Nyadist

    Betpawa Meli imezama!

    RIP Betpawa.. Mhindi amechew more than he can swallow.. Jamaa wameingia mitini... Na pesa za gamblers. Hakuna kutoa pesa kwa hio platform.

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