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  1. Ren Riddick

    Mnaitishanga deni aje banae!

    They say if you want to lose your friends loan them money People who borrow money have poor money management skills. A person is supposed to be able to plan and live within their means. But a person who borrows you money can't do that (unless it's an emergency which they pay by a week's time)...
  2. Ren Riddick

    Ladies with tattoos

    Ladies with tattoos are modern ladies with modern views and practices of life sugaring being one of them. Loyalty is not something to be expected of them. Wanakumuliwa nje not because there's something you're not giving them (the usual lack of attention, money, love etc) but just because of...
  3. Ren Riddick

    Explicit Lanyee anadai kugongwa the first time

    A man is judged with his resources. First of all chances of kuwa na tattoo na both successful at the same time ni minimal because it shows you were busy pursuing the pleasures the world has to offer and not much serious with life. However a few can still balance their lives and have tattoos but...
  4. Ren Riddick

    Where are pastors getting this money from?

    Why do people go to church
  5. Ren Riddick


    I can see:D:D
  6. Ren Riddick

    Explicit Lanyee anadai kugongwa the first time

    The difference is that a billionaire did that for a reason either be it avoiding attention, exploring freely etc But here what reason does the conservative girl has to put tattoos on her body
  7. Ren Riddick

    Explicit Lanyee anadai kugongwa the first time

    That's how they are naturally created; women view sex as a tool to get something (from a man) Refer: Briffault's Law They could enjoy it very much nonetheless but it comes after the first mission, priority is achieved. In this capitalistic dangerous world, a woman's only bargain is sex. They...
  8. Ren Riddick


    Men are the largest purchasers of cars and as long as Kenyan women continue to value men who have cars then men will continue buying them A status symbol is technically your perceived value by the opposite gender.
  9. Ren Riddick

    Where are pastors getting this money from?

    That's why I don't go to church
  10. Ren Riddick

    Not all hoes are evil

    Yaani you guys are comparing a person you're paying to act, fake their niceness on the short time you've paid to be with them vs a normal social setting where people won't tolerate any bullshit and where they also have other stressors that there's no room or time to please or be nice with any mofo
  11. Ren Riddick

    Truman kapondi learns a red pill lesson the hard way!

    What is there to show hatred of them.. ama you've just picked up the usual argument
  12. Ren Riddick

    Why you should never marry a woman that never had time to have fun.

    Has somebody ever told you that employ this guy who used to be a thief he has stole and is now tired of stealing Or do not employ this guy because he has never stole and will soon begin stealing thoroughly because of him never stealing and hence kind of missing a 'stage'
  13. Ren Riddick

    Why you should never marry a woman that never had time to have fun.

    The problem and the biggest mistake all of you are making is believing what a lady who is cheating on her husband saying. And hence coming up with shitty theories, explanations etc
  14. Ren Riddick

    Useless entitled Nairobi biaches

    The question ni ulikuwa una expect nini venye uliambiwa wamekuja watatu.. usort mmoja then mwingine abaki hana fom like an extruder
  15. Ren Riddick

    18+ Kungurus hate on 130kg of pure muscle

    I have read all of your comments. Women like healthy men. Consider this men are attracted to curvy ladies / beautiful faces So imagine a girl who goes for plastic surgery or takes some injection/supplements and gets those Will she now have men liking her? This is it: people (men or women)...
  16. Ren Riddick

    Kunguru on ARV

    Maybe one could ask themselves how those women managed to make the decision of entering street prostitution with the apparent multiple life threatening diseases it poses A woman needs to totally damage her natural psychology to enter & survive in prostitution
  17. Ren Riddick

    Matatu tickets problem

    Actually The probability that you will get your own seat = Probability that the first guy gets their seat & the second gets their seat and the third gets their seat and so on and also you get your seat = = 1/10 * 1/9 * 1/8 * 1/7 * 1/6 * 1/5 * 1/4 * 1/3 * 1/2 * 1 =
  18. Ren Riddick

    Matatu tickets problem

    No that stuff keeps on reducing
  19. Ren Riddick

    Bitches ain't shit

    Need to know that whereas women can get sex easily, through evolution they were programmed never to enjoy that casual random sex if at all they try to. That's why you see women looking for relationships when they could have continuous sex with countless guys. Or that's why you see women not in...

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