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  1. Brayo44ki

    Tidbits of Occultism

    In the Vatican city, at the heart of St Peter's square stands a magnificent obelisk carved 13 hundred years bc The kingdom of God is within you ~Jesus Christ Know thyself~Pythagoras Know ye not, that ye are gods~Hermes Trismegistus Abracadabra: Aramaic Mysticism: Arah ka dabra~ I create as I...
  2. Brayo44ki

    Disruptive Music

    I know lyrics cause an unwary listener to go bonkers, but the closest I ever saw this was in a Samurai Jack episode. Music beats creating evil energy.
  3. Brayo44ki


    It was always eerily beautiful on nastily cold, foggy mornings in this part of the valley, and the electricity black out in his neighborhood did not particularly encourage movement. He lay motionless on his shaggy mattress staring up at the darkness of the crammy room, lost in his thoughts he...
  4. Brayo44ki


    I'm aware of a whatsapp group for Toyota Premio owners with plenty of tips for maintenance, sale etc any member with knowhow kindly point me in the right direction.
  5. Brayo44ki

    New Tidings

    Of late I have come to the realization that a sizeable number of my friendships are decaying and withering away, some with an acceptable amount of decorum while some are just awful. Not for nothing but I do tend to be fastidious in some issues so perhaps that is the root of this phase? I...
  6. Brayo44ki

    Toyota 110

    Looking to purchase this model, auto preferably.
  7. Brayo44ki


    A Patriot once observed that; 'Our schools and institutions are turning out people who do not feel fulfilled, unless they are telling people what to do'. Fortunately this is an honest observation that is the soul of the matrix, aptly summarized as monkey see monkey do. Through out our...
  8. Brayo44ki

    Con Artists

    Mambo vipi @administrator, if possible can you create a thread of con artists tricks.
  9. Brayo44ki

    Slavery & Servitude

    There has been a war waged on sleeping men since the beginning of time and it seems unlikely to wind up anytime soon. Every time a Prometheus inspired person attempts a stab at the suffocating blanket of ignorance that lies over the minds of the masses a false intelligence reeking of malice...
  10. Brayo44ki


    It's now very common for females and unscrupulous cops to set you up on a rape case, if you can, always retain chat records or even recordings that can sway the judge to the truth. Unfortunately all a court file requires is a medical report that confirms that coitus took place, the consent will...
  11. Brayo44ki


    Over the weekend I found myself in the company of half a dozen colleagues paired with a couple of babbling baboons, we occupied the top of an incomplete building where in our splendid ignorance we kissed our gin filled tumblers as would befit a lover. The predictable banter of colleagues...
  12. Brayo44ki

    The Seven

    George R. R Martin is as creative a mind as any author would aspire to be, the variety of cultures is staggering while the attention to detail does a number on your imagination that is as brutal as a shank fight in lock up. In the mythical land of Westorosi and Essos there is a delightful mix...
  13. Brayo44ki

    Forgive me...

    @Liberty Forgive me father for I have sinned; It's been a while since I set foot in a confession box so bear with me if I seem a bit rusty. I have let my heart be consumed by the black sin that is sloth, in the office I have taken to an indifference in my execution of my duties. I have let...
  14. Brayo44ki

    7 gods

    The seven cardinal sins are a concept that plenty of us have come across, in the arts & literature more often than once. Prudent adults have endeavored to instill a sense of self reflection in all their habits in a bid to conduct an existence worthy the title of mankind. Before Christianity...
  15. Brayo44ki


    Thoughts on this series, i personally admit to be intrigued by the tale.
  16. Brayo44ki


    I have a colleague who is inquiring on the above mentioned institution, he wants to send his son to enroll and pursue software development. I'd appreciate some genuine feedback, thank you
  17. Brayo44ki


    In an incident yesterday at around 4:00pm a land cruiser ferrying 10 officers ran over a buried IED in Wajir County around Kotulo Patrol base, in the unfortunate but calculated plan two officers lost their lives while 8 are in a serious condition. Anyone with more information kindly add.
  18. Brayo44ki

    Yours sincerely

    Steven Covey has authored profound books detailing the mysterious nature of trust; how delicate it is yet quite indomitable. Almost mythical in this highly cynical 21st century. Where multiple studies have been brought to 'light' by aggrieved parties on the deceitful nature of the opposite sex...
  19. Brayo44ki

    GTA V

    If there is anyone with technical know how about how to fix a hacked GTA V online account on a ps3 , I'd be willing to pay to get it back up and running
  20. Brayo44ki

    2 Cents

    Been following this JKUAT VS NPS tumble gone awry with a puzzled look, I'm sure most of you have seen the clip doing rounds online. Four cops encouraging this red topped lad to respect the 'Kings' peace, in a manner that comes naturally to them. They call it instilled discipline. Do I care...

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