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  1. loverboy

    Best WhatsApp apk

    True gbexcute. But it's not on okay stores
  2. loverboy

    Huduma Cards are ready

    Wonders will never end Kenya hii, unapigwa picha ukiwa na shirt inatoka ukiwa in suit?
  3. loverboy

    Schools or Bars

    Opening of schools before bars means that the Government respects children more than the elders.. wakati wa kura watafute hao watoto wawapigie Kura.
  4. loverboy

    Driving Bila D. Licence

    Go to a police station, tell them you have lost your Dl, they will ask you for ksh 100 and get you an abstract. That should serve you for a period of 4 months.
  5. loverboy

    A good crime movie.

    Money Heist
  6. loverboy

    WSR vs Moi family !

    A test of water for the second time . Will hustler be welcomed by Moi family to Mourn Jonathan ?
  7. loverboy

    Concrete straight poles

    Pale Toll , as you head down to Kenyatta road
  8. loverboy

    Usiku Sacco

    K. Road ..@ icon garden gwa kibathi
  9. loverboy

    Silly Season - My Avatar

    g** alert.....Chieth
  10. loverboy


    babuon will never be president
  11. loverboy

    Political Mileage

    kudos Kenyatta doctors
  12. loverboy


    what ginseng
  13. loverboy

    ukiskia western na nyanza wakiongea

    loverboy likes this. RUTO 2022
  14. loverboy

    night runners sacco

  15. loverboy


    how are you Bingwa sumbua
  16. loverboy

    car purchase Dubai vs Japan

  17. loverboy

    hi villagers

    another bingwa handle
  18. loverboy


    u p u s s
  19. loverboy


    Niko mathare North Bachelors

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