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  1. Nightworm

    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    That's correct. I'm not that good in forex, but the reasoning is good. We don't enter the market in the middle of nowhere. The entry point is nortmally some strong level of support or resistance. Such a level will normally act like a magnet and the price can get back to this entry point several...
  2. Nightworm

    The human brain can create 11 dimensions

    Numerous studies prove that the human brain is actually capable of anything. So I am not surprised at such things. The main thing is that a person initially correctly defines his skills and some innate abilities, so that later he can use this in work and in his own development - and then you can...
  3. Nightworm

    Gathee Trump

    Perhaps this is for the best, because he always offers very tough conditions, which are not always in contact with the democratic conditions of this country. So I agree with the opinion that you shouldn't get hot and just act in opposition to it. But some decisions really require some...
  4. Nightworm

    Isn't this dangerous

    Well, here opinions can be very divided, because each person has a certain motivation about this. But I want to say on my own behalf that this situation seems to me not the most correct. Because it can definitely lead to the fact that weapons are used more and more often and this can lead to an...
  5. Nightworm

    The Male Identified Woman

    Since I am among the guidence and councelling committee, I would like to say that, I have been dealing with such issue for quit sometime and I have come to realise that maswala ya ndoa ni nyeti sana. Different people have got different partners. If you get a partner who is not of your type, then...
  6. Nightworm

    18+ I wish I knew.

    I think you should never say such things. This is because when someone makes a decision, he/she normally thinks that the decision he makes is always good. They never know that every decision made, there must be a consequence. When they have made wrong decisions in life and they have begun to...
  7. Nightworm

    Large scale farming

    Personally, I would like to say that I always love to work in large scale farms, this is because, they are farms that have a wide scale of production. You will never compare a large scale farming with a small scale farming. Large scall farming is normally done by large companies or the...
  8. Nightworm

    What is your take? If two high school students have sex, boy child will be jailed for defilement. Isn't that big bullshit?

    According to me, if two high school kids are caught having sex, both of them should be jailed simple because, they had agreed to do so. If one of them could have refused, then the sex action could have not went on. It was the agreement between them that led to that defilement. Though as usual...
  9. Nightworm

    How MP Gachagua moved Sh12 billion in just seven years

    How sure are you that Ruto stole that amount of money within seven years. I understand that propaganda is the order of the day for most politicians. There is what we call, character assasination. This is the best weapon to kill a politician. I think, this is what you are trying to do. As much as...
  10. Nightworm

    Kenyan MPs Jerusalema Dance Challenge

    I am not afraid to say that our leaders are messing us up. I see then misleading the citizens especially the youths who have no directions. What these people are doing is against the law of the Bible. I wish they new what happened in Jerusalem, they would have all confessed. I want say...
  11. Nightworm

    Chinese solar water pump

    If you are interested in getting the water pump, I would advice you that you should never go for the one that is below 6000watts. This is because, the other ones will work but they can not work for a long time especially during the coudy day. You should be very careful and ensure that the...
  12. Nightworm

    Schools will re-open by November

    It is not easy to detect the exact date when the schools wil re open. This is because, for a country to allow the re-opening, then it should meet the required percentage of the new infections which is 5% for two consecative weeks. But it is noted that the new cases flactuate and there is no...
  13. Nightworm

    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    I have almost the same opinion - you should trade until it's comfortable for you. I sometimes use Fixed trades, there are delayed orders that help me to plan my trading.
  14. Nightworm

    Africa's New Superpower

    I would like to congratulate the Ethiopians for what they have done,they are doing and what they are planing to do. I think it is the most progressing country in Africa at the moment. Though it would not be easy to outdo other countries with higher populations like Nigeria and South Africa. The...
  15. Nightworm

    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    Interesting question. Guys, how much trades you have a day?
  16. Nightworm

    watu wauze maziwa

    Some people say that agriculture is a dirty entreprise that is practiced by the illiterates of the society. Milk is an agricultural product that has a lot of benefits to the body of the human beings. There are farmers who make their daily bread via milk production. Selling milk is very simple...
  17. Nightworm

    What is it with Physics Teachers?

    Generally, Physics teachers are always norn to be very unique among the other teachers based on their characters. They are always very quick and most of them normally proceed with the quick learners. They don't care with the slow learners. I can remember in high school, we had a Physics teacher...
  18. Nightworm

    Runda boy steals dad's car hits 9 pedestrians 3 died on the spot

    It is very sad to hear such news at this time. I think there is a problem with this mordern generation. Some parents are very careless. If I may ask. How can a kid steal your car yet you have the ignition key? We should be very careful as parents. Sometimes you can blame your kids yet you are...
  19. Nightworm


    Watching the Evangelion was motivated by the symbolism and mastery of creation in the eyes of many people. I watched the entire season in 26 episodes in 24 hours. I watched it greedily. Nothing weirder but rational, I hadn't seen yet. After all, the first half of the anime tells us about...
  20. Nightworm

    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    I agree that training is not always effective, but still at Olymp Trade it is 100% free. Olymp Trade helps you learn the basic things about trading and it's up to the trader personally. Olymp education boosted my understanding very well and what's more important, speaking of the above comment on...

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