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    Kanye West hataki mchezo

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    Do You Foresee Justice Njagi As The Next Chief Justice?

    The Employment and Labour Court Judge Marete D. K. Njagi was on Thursday morning at pains to explain why he jailed some of his staff for making noise in the corridors of the court. The Judicial Service Commission had received some complaints against the judge by his staff who had accused him of...
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    Kunguru Dramas Never Cease...

    A 32-year old man in Bugoma county has shocked his village after impregnating his mother-in-law who had visited them to assist her daughter in handling their newborn baby. Kelvin Waliba, according to his wife, did not deny having an intimate affair with her 43 years old mother. Ms Nekesa...
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    Solve This...!

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    Midget amekuliwa bibi

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    Ruto's Net Worth: $400 million

    Benefits of being worth $400m... :D:D:D
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    Just 4 Laugh$....

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    RIP Bernie Madoff dies at 82

    Bernie Madoff masterminded the biggest investment fraud in U.S. history, ripping off tens of thousands of people of as much as $65 billion. Madoff was serving a 150-year prison sentence for his scheme, which investigators said defrauded as many as 37,000 people in 136 countries over four...
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    When You Know You Are Cursed From The Beginning.

    Poor Dude... I know the feeling....Been there: Look Then again, meet Sarah....
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    Just 4 Laugh$....

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    Just 4 Laugh$....

    Now say something about your Bank... :D:D:D
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    Jackline Mwende Brags About Her "Miracle" Son...Do you blame her?

    Mwende’s seven years of marriage left her with permanent scars in her heart and arms, but she takes pride in her four-year-old son Gift Safari. Safari, Mwende says, is her greatest joy and the reason for living and fighting life's challenges. She says the boy wiped her tears and shame of being...
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    Sexy Rev Lucy Natasha Is Actually Tattooed and Kinky....

    I'm in all the way... :D:D:D
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    Sexy Rev Lucy Natasha Is Actually Tattooed and Kinky....

    Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua on Tuesday, April 13, defended Nairobi pastor Lucy Natasha over harsh criticism on social media. "Rev Lucy Natasha, preach on and turn your back to the critics, skeptics and naysayers. People will always talk tattoo or no tattoo. Shine...