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    idi Amin's thoughts

    The 'king of scotland' predicted USA would have a Black chief of defense & a black president
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    World War 3 imefika , Australia preparing for war with china as we speak

    World war 3 is finally here & I dont know how china will survive , hapa sasa itabidi wacheze kama wao . -- U.S.A has rallied all their imperialist countries like U.K ,AUSTRALIA , SOUTH KOREA , FRANCE , INDIA , JAPAN , TAIWAN . --China nayo , might get some help from TURKEY, IRAN ,RUSSIA...
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    Father brought an African child in a cage to his children for entertainment.

    Yaani hii kitu ni ya 'juzi' hivi ....i expected it to have happened in the 18th century.... Human ZOO Ota Benga Sarah Baartman Sex-ploitation
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    African Diaspora , help this woman jameni

    She has a point and needs assistance
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    African history... Black People's History... Pan African Documentaries ...

    This is the most eye opening stuff you will encounter in your life... Life changing is the appropriate description .. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ( Explore respective channels for more content )
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    The truth shall set you free

    Historians in the house
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    is it covid vaccine or gene therapy ?

    Doctaris in the village can enlighten us , ama huyu ni quack ?
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    My fellow billionaires having a chat

    kenyan billinaires are never seen in such forums ? Great stuff though
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    Kenyan & Zanzibar Sultans Colonised Oman , not otherwise .

    Niliskia ule professor wa SPICE FM insisting that it was the east african sultans who were ruling oman and not Omanis ruling east africa , ati history was altered kidogo . Hii maneno ni ukweli ?
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    Or makufuli aliwekewa kitu by CIA , NSA ?

    ...what a huge coincidence that leaders who protect their citizens from exploitation end up dead , Nkurunziza also died of "corona" .
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    Kenya faces revenue, job losses as House ratifies UK trade deal... mnaona aje ?

    Kenya faces revenue, job losses as House ratifies UK trade deal THURSDAY MARCH 11 2021 Summary The deal opens the local market to about 1,934 products from the UK, whose import tariff will either be lowered or zero-rated. Pact adopted when the economy is in doldrums, owing to the Covid-19...
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    ads za huku kwenyu

    :D acha tu nicheke
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    1957 African High Schoolers Debate kama pasi !

    Now this is a debate and half
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    raila and ruto coalition

    since inasemekana TINGA and RUTO are being sidelined by the dynasties , is there a possibility they will join out of convenience.....
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    South African News ni too Shocking & depressing

    Yaaani it's like nothing positive in S.A , it's just death , poverty and racism kwa news front page yote...
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    Secret Is Out: How F-35s and U.S. Warships Will Kill Drones and Missiles

    America and its allies are practicing the art of sharing threat and targeting data against a variety of flying threats. by Kris Osborn Recently, U.S. Army missile defense assets, Dutch F-35 stealth fighters and joint multi-domain command and control systems destroyed enemy drone targets and...