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  1. LuandaMagere

    Press Release

    after ile expose ya edgar obare she is not even fazed Hawa ndio wale false prophets........
  2. LuandaMagere

    Kikuyus Colonizing Kenyans

    i agree , not all kikuyus supported MAUMAU , the ones in the forest even came back to find their farms had been grabbed by family members after independence ...but beberu used other tribes like the turkana , offcourse kikuyu homeguards were more than happy to betray their brothers , todate
  3. LuandaMagere

    Kikuyus Colonizing Kenyans

    kwani ulifundishwa history na mboch wenyu....
  4. LuandaMagere

    Kikuyus Colonizing Kenyans

    ingia serikali basi ujaze whoever you want meffi tucker tucker mattacore brukhengeh
  5. LuandaMagere

    Nigeria, Just Like Kenya Could Lose Vital Assests To China Over Spiraling Debt

    unasahau SGR ya kenya was supposed to be electric pia ?
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    she is beautiful......
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  8. LuandaMagere

    Kikuyus Colonizing Kenyans

    kwani devolution imeleta wakikuyu mpaka kwa MCA seat za kwenyu ? are just bitter with kikuyus , when kalenjins were running the country under moi , no other tribe complained ..
  9. LuandaMagere

    Bodycam footage of police shooting of Daunte Wright released

    so the so the cop forgot that tasors are yellow and guns are black in color......she held that gun all through and didnt realise it wasn't a yellow taser .... this is planned murder , she knew what she was doing and why she did it hii kitu ni yellow for fucks sake ....anybody knows when...
  10. LuandaMagere

    Mau Mau and other Fake Stories

    huyu makendeh anasema nini , you think the british could admit that negroes killed any of them , dont you know why the mau mau files are kept secret ? ......... go sit with an old mzee atakumbia ukweli , many brits died , a mzee told me they could clear whole battalions of brit soldiers , they...
  11. LuandaMagere

    Drone Catches kunguru akigawa

  12. LuandaMagere

    Kunguru Dramas Never Cease...

    that cr*p is not from these parts of the world ...........
  13. LuandaMagere

    Kikuyus Colonizing Kenyans

    afadhali ungesema indians control the country , economics ndio kusema not a few govt seats , look at south africa , blacks are in govt but the racist boers have the land and the money ....and it's the kikuyu elite who feed themselves , they dont care about kawaida kikuyus ....alafu under moi ...
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  15. LuandaMagere

    slave trade

    sakaja is a deal broker...... i suspect he didnt castigate the arabs for killing african maids
  16. LuandaMagere

    Explicit Premium boobs (video)

    he is too old to be hunging around school kids..... but then again , pesa ni mzuri wadau
  17. LuandaMagere

    Explicit Laywer kung'arisha mecho part 2

    is she over 18 ?
  18. LuandaMagere

    New Toyota LandCruiser V6

    africa bado tunalala.... when they start making these cars , using congo minerals ...tuamshe tuzinunue
  19. LuandaMagere

    Which way for Tanzanias President?

    islam in africa is more liberal compare to the partriachial version in mid east , africans africanised islam to a certain degree