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    njaruo CEO of BAT Kenya interview. When njaruos decide to get educated the don't joke.

    This Kavirondo is very well educated. Now if this CEO was an Okuyu the guy would be the proud owner of 70 apartments, 2 hotels, director at 12 companies and CEO of Brand Kenya.... but not with njaruos. This njaruo just likes reading books , travelling or planting flowers. He doesn't talk of...
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    Floridians ban and disavow Trump as a neighbour and even warn their kids from visiting Mar a Lago.

    Said CNN and @Kennedy Maina :
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    Wilmington Shootings update.

    @Ndindu you recently posted about the Wilmington MASS Shooting where 7 victims were shot with 3 of them being fatalities. Of course the mainstream media have avoided this story and even refused to mention the victim's names. There are no photos anywhere of said victims but from these names...
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    Chicago shootings: 19 shot, 1 fatally shot in weekend violence across city.

    Chicago shootings: 19 shot, 1 fatally shot in weekend violence across city Sun-Times Media Wire Sunday, April 4, 2021 2:32PM An off-duty Chicago police officer shot a home intruder in Albany Park early Wednesday, CPD said. CHICAGO -- One person was killed and at least 18 others hurt in...
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    73 year old Asian man tackled by dark skinned WHITE SUPREMACIST.

    The African American White Supremacist attacked the mzee for no reason. CNN believes that Trump and his MAGA politics triggered this black skinned racist white man.
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    Black Americans rob Asian couple.

    Saa wameiba nini? What do old people have in their pockets anyway? Vix kingo, arthritis medication, handkerchiefs, prayer necklaces, a fruit e.g an apple ...
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    As MAGA we are greatly appalled by the attack on the Capitol.

    In today's world we cannot have thugs attacking the Capitol and killing police officers. We demand that the FBI , Pelosi and that election thief carry out prompt investigations and jail all the culprits involved. This is totally unacceptable. Thank God that we installed the fence and put...
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    ANTIFA protestor falls to the ground during protests and breaks hip.

    We wish him a quick recovery in time for the Derek Chauvin mega protests where I hear they plan to burn down the white house. @Mangele , @slevyn, @Kennedy Maina , @Abba
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    The coup was planned from the very beginning including the virus.

    I mean what are the odds? How do you explain these things?
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    @purple @kahuni maisha mnaonelea aje?

    :D:D:D @Purple @Kahuni Maisha you know this could very well be the one that sends the election thief home. Watusaidie wao wenyewe. I hope this judge triggers them proper. I have a feeling they would burn down both the capitol and the white house. Shhhhhh Let's wait and see.
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    BREAKING: Identity of WHITE SUPREMACIST who attacked Capitol yesterday REVEALED!!!

    Hehehehehe.... huhuhuhuhu....... :D:D:D:D:D:D:D @hakimoto , @Mangele si niliwaambia that that cannot be a Republican and I even said why. Na nikasema huyo ni Antifa amepotea njia.
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    Deep state fighting back. They don't want voter ID cards or electoral reforms.

    Hii kitu iliibiwa otherwise why are deep state companies so agitated by a simple voter's card? Even the homosexual CEO of Apple came out guns blazing that there should be no reforms at all , why????
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    Two young, innocent, strong, black kids attacked by highly racist Korean grandparents.

    As if that would ever happen.:rolleyes:
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    Vaccine side effects experienced of the horrible virus from Wuhan China.

    See what UHURU’s Covid-19 vaccine, AstraZeneca, is doing to people after injection? No wonder RUTO and others have shunned it and gone for Sputnik jab April 1, 2021 0 Thursday, April 1, 2021 – The Covid-19 vaccine, AstraZeneca, which was imported by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government has its...
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    White supremacists arrested holding MAGA flag after mass shooting.

    From left: Jhaimeek Kerion Carter, 18; Tyereis Smith, 18; and Gerald Scott Thomas II, 35 in a booking photo. (Courtesy of the Virginia Beach Police Department) CRIME AND INCIDENTS Virginia Beach Police Arrest 3 Additional Suspects Allegedly Connected to Mass Shootings March 31, 2021 15:35...
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    2 young girls suspected to be from Hondurus dumped and left to wild animals at U.S border.

    The President of Hondurus is a mbirrionea drug trafficker. His own brother was jailed yesterday by a U.S judge over drug trafficking. The Hondurun was sentenced to life in prison. Witnesses explained how both brothers control a massive drug empire. When the president of a country is a narco and...
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    Sniper in Rio de Janeiro.

    Bukusu Jamleck Lichoti , Brazil edition. Clandestine highly dangerous, deploy and intercept special operation deep inside and behind enemy lines....